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The Lubbock Internship

Interning in the LBK

For students who would prefer to gain internship experience while continuing regular classes at Texas Tech, the Government and Public Service Internship offers internships in Lubbock. The internship is available to Texas Tech students during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The internship is part-time, designed to work around the student's academic schedule, and a scholarship is available to help defray the costs associated with the internship.

Academic Credit

The intern will be enrolled in a minimum of three hours of POLS 4000 – a public service practicum class. The intern must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours (including the POLS 4000 class) at Texas Tech University while interning in Lubbock. If interested, non-political science majors may apply the POLS 4000 class to the completion of a political science minor. For political science majors, the POLS 4000 class may apply to a student's major coursework.


Lubbock interns make their own housing arrangements as they are normally taking other classes along with their internship experience.


To assist in the cost of the class, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to each student selected for a Lubbock internship.

To apply for the internship, click here.

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