Texas Tech University

Western Civilization Lectures Series 2015

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December 1

The Great Divergence: Ancient Empires and the Path to Modernity in East and West

Featuring Dr. Walter Scheidel, Dickason Professor of Humanities, Stanford University

Walter Scheidel Lecture Dec 1st 2015

November 4

The Future of the Theater

Featuring Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal Theater Critic

Mr. Terry Teachout Lecture on November 4, 2015

October 7

A Tale of Too Many Romes: Competing Byzantine and Medieval Claims to the Roman Legacy

Featuring Dr. Anthony Kaldellis, Professor of Classics at Ohio State

Dr. Anthony Kaldellis Lecture October 7, 2015

September 17

Natural Law and the Constitution

Featuring Dr. Hadley Arkes, Edward N. Ney Professor of Jurisprudence at Amhurst College, President of the James Wilson Institute on Natural rights and the American Founding

Dr. Hadley Arkes Constitution Day Lecture 2015

April 15

Heirs of Aristotle: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Featuring Dr. David Bradshaw, Professor of Philosophy, University of Kentucky.

Dr. David Bradshaw - Lecture April 15, 2015

March 11

How the British Invented Modern Sports—and What Their Invention Means for the West and the World

Featuring Dr. Mark Dyreson, Professor of Kinesiology and Affiliate Professor or History, Penn State University.

Dr. Mark Dyreson - Lecture March 11, 2015

February 26

Featuring Dr. Victoria Tin-bor Hui, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame.

February 02

Truth and Poetry

Featuring David Yezzi, Associate Professor, The Writing Seminars, The Johns Hopkins University.

David Yezzi - Lecture February 02, 2015