Texas Tech University

Western Civilization Lecture Series 2016

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November 28

Islam in Europe

Featuring Dr. Sam Cherribi, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies at Emory University

bradley lecture

November 16

The Threats to Individual Freedom Posed by Politicized Universities, Government by Decree, and Biased News Media

Featuring Stuart Taylor, Contributing Editor for National Journal Magazine

cass lecture

October 20

God and Western Civilization

Featuring Dr. Jerry L. Martin, Former Professor of Philosophy & Former Acting Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

stocking lecture

October 12

The Future of War

Featuring Dr. Paul Springer, Dr. Everett Dolman, & Dr. Michael Pavelec, Air Command and Staff College

lawson lecture

September 22

Spartan Regime

Featuring Dr. Paul Rahe, Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee, The Professor of The Western Heritage, Hillsdale College

alexander lecture

September 15

Freedom and the Constition

Featuring Dr. Wilfred McClay, G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty at Oklahoma University

mahoney lecture

May 4

New Challenges to Religious Freedom

Featuring Gerard Bradley, Professor of Law at The University of Notre Dame

bradley lecture

April 20

Policy in the Time of Climate Change

Featuring Oren Cass, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute

cass lecture

April 7

Ancient Greece and The Cult of the Body

Featuring Charles Stocking, Professor of Classics, University of Western Ontario

stocking lecture

March 23

Cultural Trauma, Social Solidarity and Moral Responsibility: The Holocaust and Other Mass Murders

Featuring Jeffery Alexander, Lillian Chavenson Saden Professor of Sociology, Yale University

alexander lecture

February 29

Economic and Political Freedom: Joined at the Hip?

Featuring Dr. Robert Lawson the Jerome M. Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom at the SMU Cox School of Business.

lawson lecture

February 17

Solzhenitsyn's Greatness

Featuring Dr. Daniel J. Mahoney, Professor of Political Science, Assumption College.

mahoney lecture