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Supporting Microscopy and Cell Cytometry Research and Education at Texas Tech University



For help in Materials Science or reserving an SEM or TEM Microscope please contact Dr. Bo Zhao.

For Biological Science, TEM, light microscopy or Flow Cytometry contact Mary Catherine Hastert .

To assist with designing polychromatic flow cytometry panels for use on the Cytometers, users are encouraged to visit the FluoroFinder web-page.

To cancel or change an Instrument reservation contact  Steven Platten 


Safety Data Sheets 

College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy (CASM) of Texas Tech University located in the Experimental Sciences Building ESB 112 and ESB 114. 

The facility is open to all faculty, graduate students and area businesses interested in enhancing their research using the techniques of transmission electron and scanning electron microscopy.  Trained users are given independent access to the instruments they require.

The primary function of the laboratory is to train students,  staff and faculty to become proficient in the techniques required for independent research.  In addition, the facility also offers service work by special arrangement.

Graduate students and staff who need training in TEM or SEM techniques are requested to take 5304. Techniques in Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Reservations for use by trained users (see Competency Tier System for Instrument Usage)   


Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy

College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy (CASM)

Texas Tech University, is located in the Experimental Sciences Building ESB 112 and ESB 114.
Arts and Sciences Microscopy Acknowledgment:

If work generated on any of the instruments in the Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy (e.g. photos, analytical data, etc.) is to be used in a paper, thesis, dissertation, poster or some other form of presentation, College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy (CASM) should be properly acknowledged. If most of the work was done by independently, without a great deal of input from the CASM staff (i.e. after the class is finished), the laboratory itself need only be acknowledged. If the CASM staff assisted in the acquisition of data or contributed significantly to your research in some other manner, personal attribution should be given to that staff member, as well as to the CASM. These acknowledgments are important and could be useful in the future for the acquisition of new instrumentation and funding. A copy of the acknowledgment would also be greatly appreciated.

If the Hitachi S-4300SE/N was used, please include the NSF grant number: NSF MRI 04-511 College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy, Texas Tech University

College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy