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College of Arts & Science Microscopy Rate Structure

Table 1: Billing Rates for CASM Services and Equipment Usage

Sample Preparation (1.) Cost per unit

Microtome and Sectioning

$10.00 per hour

Paraffin Embedding

$45.00 per run

Critical Point and Freeze Drying

$55.00 per day ($5.50 per hour)

Sputter & Evaporative Coating

$20.00 per run

Plasma Cleaning

$25.00 per run


Electron and Ion Microscopy 

Hitachi Instruments



$17.50 per hour




$22.00 per hour


$35.00 per hour


$35.00 per hour

Zeiss Crossbeam 540


Electron Microscopy

$55.00 per hour

Automated Mapping & Data Processing

$25.00 per hour

Focused Ion Beam Microscopy and Milling

$145.00 per hour


Optical Microscopy, Cell Sorting and Cytometry 

Cell Sorting (1. 2.)

$80.00 per hour

Cell Analysis (1. 2.)

$40.00 per hour

Confocal Microscope (3.)

$25.00 per hour

Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope(3.)

$55.00 per hour

Epifluorescence Microscope (3.)

$15.00 per hour


Other Services

Laboratory and Bench Fee (1. 4.)

$15.00 per day

Application Scientist Fee

$36.00 per hour

Cleaning Fee (5.)



1. Cost includes general laboratory consumables and chemicals (e.g. gloves, solvents, standard buffer solutions etc). Specialty chemicals, special purchases, and one-time use items should be purchased by user groups. CASM will undertake the purchase of items if requested on a cost + 15% basis.

2. Cost of BD FACS ARIA Cytometer includes Technician time and service.

3. Includes access to CASM computing cluster with suite of image analysis software, including MetaMorph and FlowJo.

4. CASM maintains a variety of standard laboratory equipment and bench-space that is available to researchers who wish to conduct experimental work beyond the scope of personal laboratories.

5. CASM scientists are not responsible for cleaning and tidying up after users. If facilities and instrumentation are left in a condition other than how they were found, a charge will be levied for time spent tidying up.

Table 2: Corporate Users Billing Rates for CASM Services and Equipment Usage, 1 June 2016

Instrument Cost per Unit

Crossbeam SEM

$171.00 per hour

H-8100 & S4300 SEM

$66.00 per hour

Sample preparation

$63.00 per run*

Tech time

$57.00 per hour

Notes: * - Includes Tech time.

CASM rate structure is compliant with TTU OP 62.23 (Academic Service Centers)

The rates include some applications support that may be called up during instrument start-up, experimental optimization or trouble-shooting. If Research Scientists spend significant time developing or designing experimental protocols, or conducting research and data collection on behalf of users, then an hourly rate for their time will be applied. An hourly charge (or part thereof) will also be levied for individual/small group instrument training where appropriate.

The availability of funding is not required to make use of CASM equipment and technical support. Although it is preferred that researchers with no funding explore all options for contributing to the cost of using equipment and services rendered (e.g. start-up funding, Department resources, or internal funding opportunities provided by TTU). When these options are exhausted the facility may subsidize unfunded researchers who are seeking data that contributes to the research mission of TTU (e.g. publications, preparation of new funding proposals). Support will be provided on a case-by-case basis, but will be limited to $500 worth of services per semester. Renewal of the subsidy may be negotiated upon presentation of publications acknowledging CASM support, or proof of submission of external funding proposals that seek funding for use of CASM in the future.

Thank you for supporting CASM; we look forwards to continuing to provide support to your research activities in coming months.

Callum J. Hetherington

College of Arts and Sciences Microscopy