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Why Classics?

The study of Classics has one of the longest and most prestigious histories of any of the modern academic disciplines. In fact, the history of the Western university is intimately connected to the study of the ancient Greeks and Romans—a Major in Classics was the only major offered at most early European universities. Whether one was to become a doctor, lawyer or statesman, students studied the Classics. A firm grounding in the Classics is still an excellent foundation for many professions. With a degree or a minor in Classics from Texas Tech, students are well prepared to study law, to teach and to enter a variety of other positions in academia, government and the private sector. Prospective employers and graduate school admission officers know and respect the breadth of knowledge and critical acumen that distinguishes those with a background in the Classics. As a student of the Classics at Texas Tech, you will acquire and develop a set of critical skills unparalleled in most other disciplines. In addition, through your study of the ancient world, you will gain unique insight into the forces of Western history and the role Classical culture plays in that history.

For More Information

For further information and assistance with Classics undergraduate majors and minors, you can contact Dr. Hannah Friedman. For more information and assistance with Classics graduate work, you can contact Dr. Donald Lavigne. For help with either you can also contact Liz Hildebrand, CMLL Senior Advisor.