Texas Tech University

Classics Fall 2017 Events


  • AIA Lecture Series
Teillager 6, Sværholt: The Archaeology of a POW camp in Finnmark, Arctic Norway 
Who: Dr. Christopher Witmore, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Texas Tech University
When/Where: Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226.
*Please see the Archaeological Institute of America - Lubbock for additional information and upcoming events.*


  • Classics and Mythology Movie Series
Clash of the Titans (1984), directed by D. Davis
When/Where: Tuesday October 3 at 7:30PM in the Qualia Room
(in the basement of the Foreign Language Building).
*Please see the Tech Classical Society Facebook page for additional information and upcoming events.*


  • Texas Tech Classics Day
A celebration of local high school Latin programs, including a public, dramatic reading of a Latin play in Latin!(With subtitles for Latinless)
When: October 25 from 10AM - 4PM
Where: Foreign Language Building, Texas Tech University, on 18th St. Between Boston Ave. and Flint Ave.
*For more information on Classics Day, please contact Dr. William Tortorelli* (william.tortorelli@ttu.edu)


  • AIA Lecture Series: Jukowsky Lecture
The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera (Santorini)
Who: Floyd McCoy, Professor of Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography, University of Hawaii - Windward
When/Where: Thursday, October 26, 2017, 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226
This Archaeological Institute of America Joukowsky Lecture will discuss how a vibrant maritime culture, in close communication with the Minoans on Crete, was vaporized in a several-day volcanic explosion with ash fall, pyroclastic flows and surges, earthquakes, multiple tsunami, and possibly resulting climate change. These effects were felt throughout the eastern Mediterranean region and as far north as the Black Sea. Residues of the Cycladic culture – cities (Akrotiri), farmsteads, landscape, soils, household goods, and more – are preserved today on Santorini beneath a thick blanket of volcanic material that provides stunning documentation of a thriving society 3600 years ago.


  • CMLL Classics Invited Lecture
Lemnos, Athens and the Hephaisteion
Jeremy McInerney, Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania
When/Where: Thursday November 9th, 4:00-5:30 PM in the Qualia Room (in the basement of the Foreign Language Building).
*Please click here for a description of the talk.*


  • Classics and Mythology Movie Series
Medea (1969) directed by P. P. Pasolini
When/Where: Wednesday November 1, Time and Location TBD


Troy (2004) directed by W. Peterson
When/Where: Wednesday November 15, Time and Location TBD


O' Brother Where Art Thou? (2000) directed by the Cohen Brothers
When/Where: Tuesday November 28, Time and Location TBD


  • AIA Lecture Series
Yucatec Maya Exhumation Ceremonies and their Implications for Bioarchaeological Research. 
Who: Anna Novotny, Assistant Professor of Bioarchaeology, Texas Tech University
When/Where: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226



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