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Classics Past Events

Spring 2018

The Treasures of Tutankhamun

When: January 8 - February 5th
Location: Lubbock Public Library - Patterson Branch
Description: This exhibition from Humanities Texas tells the story of ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun through the treasures found in his tomb.

"Amarna: Prelude to Tutankhamun" - Dr. Christopher Witmore

When: Tuesday January 23rd, 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Lubbock Public Library - Patterson Branch
Description: Dr. Witmore, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Texas Tech University, discusses the religious revolution of Tutankhamun's father, Akhenaten, and the world's first monotheism.

Geocriticism: journée d'étude, and lecture by Prof. Robert Tally

"The Geocritical Moment" - Dr. Robert Tally, Associate Professor of English, Texas State University

When: Friday February 16th, 4-5:30pm
Location: Student Union Building - Lubbock Room

- Journée d'étude

When: Saturday February 17th, 10am-4:00pm
Location: TTU Library, TLPDC 153?
Description: Panels on aspects of Geocriticism; co-organized by Dr. Carole Edwards, Dr. David Larmour, and Dr. Susan Larson of TTU's Dept of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures.

Participants include: Dr. Lucas Wood (TTU), Dr. Christopher Bains (TTU), Dr. Kristen Michelson (TTU), Dr. Carole Edwards (TTU), Dr. David Larmour (TTU), Dr. Don Lavigne (TTU), Dr. Jeremy McInerney (UPenn), Ms. Cait Mongrain (TTU), Ms. Crystal Rosenthal (UT-Arlington), Dr. Sydnor Roy (TTU), Dr. Christopher Witmore (TTU), Dr. Pamela Zinn (TTU), Dr. John Beusterien (TTU), Mr. Scott Gleason (Peripheral Vision Arts), Dr. Sara Guengerich (TTU), Dr. Susan Larson (TTU), Dr. Carmen Pereira-Muro (TTU), Dr. Brenden Regan (TTU), Dr. Julie Cook (TTU).

The TTU Classical Society Presents: "Plebs"

When: Tuesday February 27th, 7:00pm
Location: Foreign Language Building, Qualia Room
Description: The Classical Society will be showing 3 classics episodes of the BBC miniseries "Plebs".

"Social Identity in the Maya Hinterlands: Ancient Daily Life Meets Modern Heritage in Aguacate Village, Belize" - Dr. Claire Novotny

When: Thursday March 8th, 5:30pm
Location: TTU Livermore Center, Room 101
Description: Dr. Claire Novotny, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Kenyon College, will address the American Institute of Archaeology - Lubbock Branch on social identity in the Maya Hinterlands of Belize.

"Practicalities of Ancient Greek Sacrifice" - Dr. Jacob Morton

When: Wednesday, March 28th, 5:15pm
Location: Animal and Food Science 101
Description: Dr. Jacob Morton, Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and Visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College, will address the American Institute of Archaeology - Lubbock Branch, Meat Sciences, and Classics, on ancient Greek sacrificial practices.

'Food And ...' - 1st Annual Conference: The Humanities Center at Texas Tech

When: March 29th-31st
Location: Overton Hotel and TTU
Description: The Humanities Center's conference will include numerous papers on the theme 'Food And ...', including by distinguished Classicists from all over the world.

"Advanced Technology Sheds New Light on the House of the Drinking Contest at Antioch" - Dr. Dobbins

When: Thursday April 5th, 5:30pm
Location: TTU Livermore Center, Room 101
Description: Dr. John Dobbins, Professor of Roman Art, University of Virginia will present the National Lecture of the American Institute of Archaeology - Lubbock branch.

The TTU Classical Society Presents: "Gladiator"

When: Thursday April 5th, 7:00pm
Location: Foreign Language Building, Qualia Room
Description: The Classical Society will be showing the epic film about ancient Rome - where generals can become gladiators, and even emperors fight in the Colosseum!

The TTU Classical Society Presents: A CMLL Poetry Reading

When: Thursday April 19th, 5-6:30pm, FREE PIZZA, SNACKS, AND DRINKS!
Location: Foreign Language Building, Qualia Room
Description: WE INVITE STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF TO GIVE READINGS OF FAVORITE NON-ENGLISH POEMS, STORIES, PLAYS, AND SHORT PASSAGES. All are welcome, no need to perform. If you are interested in giving a reading, please let us know and, if possible, provide an English translation. We will schedule readings for the first hour and provide English translations for the audience to follow along. The last portion will be an open mike!

- For more information, please click here.

The Classical Period: Practical and Theoretical Reflections

by Joseph Farrell, Professor of Classical Studies, Mark K. and Esther W. Watkins Professor in the Humanities (University of Pennsylvania) and President of the Society for Classical Studies

When: Monday April 30th, 4:00pm
Location: Qualia Room (basement of Foreign Language Building)
Description: The concept of "the classical world" has been foundational to the study of Greek and Roman literature, history, art, and archaeology since the centuries. Yet the chronological boundaries of this world have long tended to differ across the various subdisciplines of Classical Studies. Moreover, the exceptional unity of the classical world as posited by the founders of the discipline has come to seem increasingly questionable in recent years (or really decades at this point), along with the aptness of the word "classical" to describe that world. In this paper I will offer some theoretical reflections on these points in relation to a current project of my own, which is to edit a new, "comprehensive" history of classical literature.

Co-sponsored by The Humanities Center at Texas Tech

The TTU Classical Society Presents: "Life of Brian"

When: Monday April 30th, 7:00pm
Location: Foreign Language Building, Qualia Room
Description: The Classical Society will be showing this memorable comedy - a must for anyone who likes Latin graffiti! (Note: contains some comedic material about religion)

Fall 2017


  • AIA Lecture Series
Teillager 6, Sværholt: The Archaeology of a POW camp in Finnmark, Arctic Norway 
Who: Dr. Christopher Witmore, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Texas Tech University
When/Where: Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226.
*Please see the Archaeological Institute of America - Lubbock for additional information and upcoming events.*


  • Classics and Mythology Movie Series
Clash of the Titans (1984), directed by D. Davis
When/Where: Tuesday October 3 at 7:30PM in the Qualia Room
(in the basement of the Foreign Language Building).
*Please see the Tech Classical Society Facebook page for additional information and upcoming events.*


  • Texas Tech Classics Day
A celebration of local high school Latin programs, including a public, dramatic reading of a Latin play in Latin!(With subtitles for Latinless)
When: October 25 from 10AM - 4PM
Where: Foreign Language Building, Texas Tech University, on 18th St. Between Boston Ave. and Flint Ave.
*For more information on Classics Day, please contact Dr. William Tortorelli* (william.tortorelli@ttu.edu)


  • AIA Lecture Series: Jukowsky Lecture
The Late Bronze Age Eruption of Thera (Santorini)
Who: Floyd McCoy, Professor of Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography, University of Hawaii - Windward
When/Where: Thursday, October 26, 2017, 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226
This Archaeological Institute of America Joukowsky Lecture will discuss how a vibrant maritime culture, in close communication with the Minoans on Crete, was vaporized in a several-day volcanic explosion with ash fall, pyroclastic flows and surges, earthquakes, multiple tsunami, and possibly resulting climate change. These effects were felt throughout the eastern Mediterranean region and as far north as the Black Sea. Residues of the Cycladic culture – cities (Akrotiri), farmsteads, landscape, soils, household goods, and more – are preserved today on Santorini beneath a thick blanket of volcanic material that provides stunning documentation of a thriving society 3600 years ago.


  • CMLL Classics Invited Lecture
Lemnos, Athens and the Hephaisteion
Jeremy McInerney, Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania
When/Where: Thursday November 9th, 4:00-5:30 PM in the Qualia Room (in the basement of the Foreign Language Building).
*Please click here for a description of the talk.*


  • Classics and Mythology Movie Series
Medea (1969) directed by P. P. Pasolini
When/Where: Wednesday November 1, Time and Location TBD


Troy (2004) directed by W. Peterson
When/Where: Wednesday November 15, Time and Location TBD


O' Brother Where Art Thou? (2000) directed by the Cohen Brothers
When/Where: Tuesday November 28, Time and Location TBD


  • AIA Lecture Series
Yucatec Maya Exhumation Ceremonies and their Implications for Bioarchaeological Research. 
Who: Anna Novotny, Assistant Professor of Bioarchaeology, Texas Tech University
When/Where: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 5:30pm in HUMSCI 226


Guest Speakers

Dr. Graham Harman

Dr. Graham Harman, Associate Provost for Research and Professor of Philosophy at the American University in Cairo, spoke at Texas Tech on February 11th as the 2014 Haragan Lecture. His talk, “Ecology without Networks,” examined the ecological theories of Bruno Latour.

Dr. Thomas K. Hubbard

Dr. Thomas Hubbard, Professor of Classics at UT Austin, gave a lecture at Texas Tech on March 3, 2014, entitled “Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality in the Athenian Democracy.”

Dr. Ellen Greene

Dr. Ellen Greene, Presidential Professor of Classics at Oklahoma University, gave a lecture on the new Sappho fragment.

Dr. Tim Johnson

Dr. Tim Johnson, Professor of Classics at College of Charleston, presented a lecture entitled “Lyric Madness: Playing Politics with Rage” on Friday, April 4th, 2014.

Faculty Presentations

Josh Willms (Honors)/Dr. David Larmour, TTU: “An evening of Greek and Roman Combat Sports”

Dr. Don Lavigne: Virginia Tech, "Archilochus' 'Cologne Epode'" and TTU Comp Lit, "Performative Dimensions of Archaic Epigram"

Dr. Corby Kelly: Texas Tech, “Latin Poetry: Text, Performance, and Interpretation”; TTU Comp Lit, “Elision In Catullus' Elegiac Poetry”

Dr. Christopher Witmore gave an invited lecture at the beginning of March at Aarhus University in Denmark entitled: "Chorography, Topology, Archaeology."

Dr. David Larmour gave a talk "Into the Labyrinth: Juvenal's Search for Rome" and conducted a Workshop on Landscape and Memory in the Distant Worlds Research Group at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich, Abteilung für Griechische und Lateinische Philologie , 5-7 May, 2014. He also taught a seminar on Juvenal Satire 4.

Dr. David Larmour gave a talk "Classics in the Cosmopolis: Some Thoughts On the Future of a Discipline" at the Univ. of Palermo in Sicily in June 2014.

AIA Speakers

Dr. Ömür Harmansah-Joukowsky

Coming to Texas Tech from the Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University, Dr. Harmansah-Joukowsky presented a lecture on January 23rd, entitled “The Story of the Red Mountain: Memory and Landscape in Hittite Anatolia.” In this presentation, he discussed his research on what happens to Anatolian rock monuments in the long term, in connection with the idea of “place-making.”

Dr. Katherine Huntley

An Assistant Professor of History at Boise State, Dr. Katherine Huntley gave a presentation at Texas Tech on April 3rd, entitled “Identifying Children's Graffiti in Roman Campania.” In this talk, Dr. Huntley presented her research, which attempts to identify traces of children's activity through ancient graffiti, primarily in Pompeii.

Dr. Stephen Harvey

Dr. Stephen Harvey, an Assistant Professor of History at Stony Brook University, gave a presentation on his research, entitled “Egypt's Last Royal Pyramids: The Monuments of King Ahmose at Abydos.” Dr. Harvey discussed the previously overlooked significance of the site of Abydos, based on its lost pyramids, inscriptions, and monuments.

Grad Student Placements

  • Evan Levine - Accepted into the Ph.D. program at Brown University.
  • Justin Miller - Accepted into the Ph.D. program at Harvard University.

Conference Presentations by Graduate Students

Ron Orr

Boston University: Death and Mortality in the Ancient World
Paper: "The Foreknowledge of Mortality in Herodotus: Fate, Prophecy and Escaping the Inevitable"

Evan Levine

Ohio State University: Walking the Line: Limits and Boundaries in the Ancient World
Paper: "Separating History from Archaeology at Mycenae"

Texas Tech University: 46th Annual Comparative Literature Symposium: Representing Reality in Text and Image
Paper: “The Hipponactean Body and Abjection”

University of New Mexico: Shared Knowledge Conference 2014
Paper: “Searching for Agamemnon: Separating History from Archaeology at Mycenae”

Edgar A Garcia

University of New Mexico: Shared Knowledge Conference 2014
Paper: “Personal Voice and Landscape in Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry”

University of British Columbia: The Time Is Out of Joint: Disjointed Narratives, Weird Chronologies and Yawning Bridges to the Ancient Past
Paper: "Sailing into the Past: Apollonius and the Poetics of Colonialism"

Cait Mongrain

Harvard University: Twists of Fate: Coincidence, Accident and Chance in the Ancient World
Paper: "Roman Historians and the Arena of Happenstance: Crafting the Spectacular Narrative"


Dr. Christopher Witmore has won fellowships at the National Humanities Center at the University of North Carolina and the Norwegian Institute of Advanced Study.

Ashley Maloney: a team favorite - Texas Tech Baseball team recognized faculty who play an integral part in student-athletes' education and honored these "team favorite" faculty members at the Men's Baseball game on Saturday, March 8th at Rip Griffin Park. The faculty had the opportunity to stand on the field next to their student-athlete during the singing of the National Anthem.

Scholarships & Prizes

Professor David D. Perlmutter, Dean of the College of Media and Communication, established a Classics Scholarship Fund.

The Julian Frederick Suppe Classics Study Abroad Prize, awarded to Ryan Glidewell (2014).

Greek Composition Prize- sponsored by Dr. David Larmour, awarded to Cait Mongrain (2014); Justin Miller (2015).

The Nana Friedman Travel Prize- a travel award for a student traveling to Jordan to participate in the Barqa Landscape Project.


Archaeology Day

120 Latin students from local high schools visited campus on April 4th. They heard our visiting speaker Dr. Huntley give a talk, participated in a Classics Education Fair lead by our graduate students, and had a campus tour.

Classical Language & Literature Studies