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Classics Graduate Students


Yesenia Brambila

I am currently a first-year M.A. student and T.A. within the department. I received my undergraduate degree in Classics with a minor in Art History from New York University in May of 2018, where my senior honors thesis focused on the presence of Athenian allies at the City Dionysia. My current research interests primarily lie in Ancient Greek religion, festivals, and performance and the various ways in which each facilitated social interactions between otherwise underrepresented groups.

Research interests: Ancient Greek religion and ritual, drama and performance, and history.

Email: yesenia.brambila@ttu.edu


Lawrence Chamunorwa

I am currently a graduate student and a teaching assistant in the department of Classics and Modern Languages & Literatures(CMLL). I previously earned my education in the Classics from the University of Zimbabwe.

I have a passion for research in classical philosophy and its interface with modern philosophy; Greco-Roman mythology; and material culture. Notwithstanding, I am also interested in researching on the intersection of Greek philosophical thought and the literary tradition. I also have a wider interest in as far as Africa's reception of classical culture is concerned.

Email: lawrence.chamunorwa@ttu.edu


Alex Claman

I am a second-year on the Classical Archaeology track. I majored in Classical Studies and double-minored in Archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Carleton College. My research interests include the intersection of archaeological theory and methodology, with a particular focus on landscape forms, as well as conceptions of empire and ancient Mediterranean influences on speculative fiction. My fieldwork experience includes archaeological survey as a member of the Sinis Archaeological Project in Italy and the Small Cycladic Islands Project in Greece.

Email: alex.claman@ttu.edu


Jenna Glassburner

I am a first year MA student and TA for the Classics department. I earned my undergraduate degree in English and Classics with a minor in Anthropology from Augustana University in May 2019. My senior thesis examined reception of Greek paideia by the Romans and early Catholic Church and how such education impacted the content and approach of dramatists in the English Reformation under the Tudors and Stuarts. My current interests include literary reception, Roman cults centered around mortal figures, and the Roman legal system.

Email: jenna.glassburner@ttu.edu


Maurice Gonzales, Jr.

First-year MA student. I graduated from the University of California, Riverside, with my Bachelors in Classical Studies. My research interests are primarily in Augustan propaganda, the successes and failings therein, and its lasting effect on so-called 'Silver age' Latin literature, especially Juvenal.

Research Interests: Augustan age propaganda and poetry; Juvenalian satire.

Email: maurice.gonzales@ttu.edu


Sherry Huang

I graduated from Fudan University in 2016 with a BA in History. During the past two years, I attended the Post-Bacc program in Classics at University of Pennsylvania. My research interests include Greek historiography, literary theory and Classical texts, comparative study of ancient Mediterranean and ancient East Asia.

Email: sherry.huang@ttu.edu


Brandon Poppell

I am a first year MA student, having graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland with a major in History and minors in Anthropology and Museum Studies. My main research interest is Ptolemaic Egypt, with special attention to how fusion of religion was used as a way to negotiate difference between the Greek and Egyptian citizens. I am focused on archaeology and have extensive experience both in the United States and abroad, having worked at a Greco-Roman site called Tell Timai in the Nile Delta.

Email: brandon.j.poppell@ttu.edu


Melissa Velpel

I received my AB in Classical Studies and Anthropology (with a focus in Archaeology) from Ripon College in Wisconsin in 2016. I am currently a first year MA student and TA. I am interested in archaeology of the Bronze Age and the Archaic Period in Greece and around the Eastern Aegean. Subjects in those times/places I enjoy exploring are monumental architecture, symbolism and symbolic actions, ritual and religion, and the transference of cultural practices between Greeks and those they came into contact with - all as seen within the archaeological record.

Research Interests:
Greek Archaeology, Bronze Age, Archaic Period, Ritual, Symbolism, Cultural Transference

Email: melissa.velpel@ttu.edu

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