Texas Tech University

Classics Graduate Students

Jared Gaum

Jared Gaum

I am a first year MA student. Before this, I went to the University of Florida where I received a BA in Classical Studies and a BA in Anthropology. My research interests lie in archaeology of the early Roman Empire.

Email: jared.a.gaum@ttu.edu

Brittany Proffitt

Brittany Proffitt

Areas of Specialization: Classical Archaeology, Numismatics, Materials Restoration and Iconography.

Email: brittany.proffitt@ttu.edu

Ayoma Samaratunge

Ayoma Samaratunge

Interests: My research interests are towards comparative studies on ancient philosophy paying special focus on Greek philosophy and Buddhist philosophy. The subjects I am studying at the moment promise to provide a wide scope and strengthen the background for my future researches.

Email: a.k.samaratunge@ttu.edu


Andrew Simmons

Interests: Interested in the study of Comparative Myth, and currently working on a comparison around Orpheus and others who have made the trip into the Underworld.

Email: andrew.r.simmons@ttu.edu

Brett Stine

Brett Stine

Areas of Specialization

Greek Epic and Archaic Lyric Poetry; Greek Language and Linguistics; Classical and New Testament Textual Criticism; Papyrology and Codicology; Greek and Latin Paleography; Language, Concepts, and Contexts of Birth in the Ancient World

Email: brett.l.stine@ttu.edu


Maxwell Stocker

Areas of Specialization: Greek language and literature, Archaic Greek poetry, Egyptian language and literature, comparative literature, cross-cultural interaction, material culture studies, actor-network theory.

Email: maxwell.stocker@ttu.edu


Jackson Vaughn

Jackson Vaughn received his BA from Kalamazoo College in 2012 during which he participated in Michigan State's Campus Archaeology Program and the Gabii Project. This past summer, he was a member of Dr. Christopher Witmore's Old Ways Project as well as the Mazi Archaeological Project in Greece. His primary research interests lie in Domestic archaeology, Critical heritage studies, Roman provincial archaeology, Digital archaeology, and Archaeological theory.

Email: jackson.vaughn@ttu.edu

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in Classics in May 2016. Topics of interest are: Cicero, Lucretius, philosophy.

Email: ryan.w.williams@ttu.edu