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Classics Graduate Students

Jared Gaum

Jared Gaum

I am a first year MA student. Before this, I went to the University of Florida where I received a BA in Classical Studies and a BA in Anthropology. My research interests lie in archaeology of the early Roman Empire.

Email: jared.a.gaum@ttu.edu

Brittany Proffitt

Brittany Proffitt

Areas of Specialization: Classical Archaeology, Numismatics, Materials Restoration and Iconography.

Email: brittany.proffitt@ttu.edu

Ayoma Samaratunge

Ayoma Samaratunge

Interests: My research interests are towards comparative studies on ancient philosophy paying special focus on Greek philosophy and Buddhist philosophy. The subjects I am studying at the moment promise to provide a wide scope and strengthen the background for my future researches.

Email: a.k.samaratunge@ttu.edu


Andrew Simmons

Interests: Interested in the study of Comparative Myth, and currently working on a comparison around Orpheus and others who have made the trip into the Underworld.

Email: andrew.r.simmons@ttu.edu

Brett Stine

Brett Stine

Areas of Specialization

Greek Epic and Archaic Lyric Poetry; Greek Language and Linguistics; Classical and New Testament Textual Criticism; Papyrology and Codicology; Greek and Latin Paleography; Language, Concepts, and Contexts of Birth in the Ancient World

Email: brett.l.stine@ttu.edu


Maxwell Stocker

Areas of Specialization: Greek language and literature, Archaic Greek poetry, Egyptian language and literature, comparative literature, cross-cultural interaction, material culture studies, actor-network theory.

Email: maxwell.stocker@ttu.edu


Jackson Vaughn

My current research focuses on the intersections between Greek heritage law, community, and archaeological space, specifically in the small town of Alepochori in West Attica. I also have interests in Roman and Greek household architecture, the concept of dark or negative heritage, landscape survey, archaeological theory, and Archaic Greek poetry.

Email: jackson.vaughn@ttu.edu

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

Graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in Classics in May 2016. Topics of interest are: Cicero, Lucretius, philosophy.

Email: ryan.w.williams@ttu.edu

Classical Language & Literature Studies