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Classical Language and Literature Studies


Shaina Anderson

Areas of Specialization: Latin and Greek poetry, ancient performance, and interdisciplinary studies of the classics with the biological sciences, medicine, and the visual arts.

Email: shaina.anderson@ttu.edu


Brandon Baker

Areas of Specialization: Roman Archaeology with a focus on mining in the provinces.

Email: brandon.t.baker@ttu.edu


Michael Boyles

Areas of Specialization: Roman archaeology, Archaeometallurgy, Digital Humanities, Administration of the Roman provinces and industrial districts, Ancient economic and trade systems, and Roman Arabia.

Email: m.boyles@ttu.edu

Kelsey Brunson

Areas of Specialization:



Heath Dowers

Areas of Specialization: Stoicism, The Aristotelian tradition in Medieval Islam, Neoplatonic influence on the Nizari Ismailis (The Assassins), Apotheosis in Ancient Greece and Rome, Arabic and Classical Linguistics.

Email: heath.dowers@ttu.edu


Edgar Garcia

Areas of Specialization: Hellenistic Literature, Apollonius of Rhodes, Hellenistic Intercultural Relations, Turos, Postcolonial Studies, and Cyzicus.

Email: edgar.a.garcia@ttu.edu

Office: FL04


Ryan Glidewell

Areas of Specialization: Greek Archaeology.

Email: ryan.glidewell@ttu.edu


Timothy Langston

Areas of Specialization:

Email: Timothy.langston@ttu.edu

Office: FL04


Evan Levine

Areas of Specialization:Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, GIS, archaeological theory.

Email: evan.levine@ttu.edu

Office: FL04, Cubicle 4


Justin Miller

Areas of Specialization: Greek Linguistics, Hellenistic Literature, Callimachus, Hellenistic Cross Cultural Contacts, Egyptian Linguistics, Semitic Linguistics.

Email: justin.s.miller@ttu.edu


Caitlin Mongrain

Areas of Specialization: Interested in literary depictions of the Roman arena, ancient religion and cult practices, Greek tragedy, and reception of Classical themes in art and literature.

Email: cait.mongrain@ttu.edu

Office: FL 04, Cubicle 19


Ronald Orr

Areas of Specialization: Greek history, Greek and Roman historiography, Fate and Fortune in the ancient world, and classical reception studies.

Email: ron.orr@ttu.edu

Office: FL 04, Cubicle 20


Amanda Grace Self

Areas of Specialization: Social aspects of Roman foodways and dining; early Roman-Etruscan relations.

Email: Amanda.g.self@ttu.edu


Karen Taylor

Areas of Specialization: Roman Archaeology with a focus on infant mortuary practices and excavation.

Email: karen.taylor@ttu.edu


Dain Wood (pronounced Day-In)

Areas of Specialization: An interest in Ancient Character, Culture, Myth and Literature.

Email: dain.wood@ttu.edu