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ITA Registration Information


Only Advisors may register an ITA Candidate. If you did not receive a spreadsheet template by email, please send your request to the coordinator. Late registration for the Workshop will continue until July 19. However, please register your students early in order for our staff to prepare the workshop materials, personnel, meals and housing. Send questions and all registrations to the ITA Workshop Coordinator.

Conflicting Summer Session II Classes

Please do not allow candidates to attend Summer Session II classes concurrently with the ITA Summer Workshop. Complete attendance in the workshop is required.

Campus Housing

If you do not have firm information on the ITA Candidate, please send an estimate based on the number of international teaching assistant candidates you anticipate no later than July 5. Any student registering for the Workshop from July 6 will NOT be guaranteed Campus Housing. Beginning July 6, campus housing will be on availability basis only; therefore, late enrollees will need to find housing during the workshop. Candidates can move into the dorms on July 21-22. Check-in hours are scheduled in the Leadership Development Center within the Carpenter-Wells Complex. For arrivals earlier than July 21, depending upon availability, candidates may rent a room at their own expense. Contact the Workshop Coordinator for housing availability. Students must vacate the dorm August 10 by 12:00pm Noon. Students staying in Carpenter-Wells have free Wi-Fi Service in the Commons Building and all rooms.

Linen service

Provided items:

  • 2 flat sheets
  • 2 towels
  • 2 washcloths
  • 2 hand towels
  • 1 blanket
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 pillowcase
  • 1 bar of bath soap
  • 1 disposable cup

The bed will be made upon arrival but candidate is responsible for washing the sheets during the stay. Washers and Dryers are available free of charge for students use while staying in Carpenter Wells Residence Hall.

Meal Cards

Meal cards are available to all candidates who qualify at the time of check-in. Meal Cards provided also for qualifying off-campus candidates registering after July 12. Qualifying ITA candidates: only newly arriving students to TTU. Returning Candidates are not eligible for free campus housing and meal cards during the Workshop.

Meningitis Vaccination

For information regarding immunization requirements please click here.

Skype Interview

Available for Newly Admitted High Proficiency ITA Candidates not yet arrived on campus. More information here.

Late Workshop Enrollment

Latecomers will not be enrolled unless the ITA candidate is new to the U.S. and arrives late due to extenuating circumstances such as visa issues, family emergency, etc. Even in this case, Friday, July 26 at 3 PM is the last date latecomers can join the workshop. If you have a candidate who is new to the U.S. and arrives late after July 26 due to extenuating circumstances, please request a special interview which will be held in late August. Graduate advisors must request the interview, and direct requests from candidates will not be accepted. Latecomers already matriculated to Texas Tech or who are already in the U.S. and are transferring from another institution will not be admitted to the workshop for any reason after the first morning of the workshop.

Notification of prospective ITAs

Letters to new international TAs should:

  • Require their arrival date on campus to be Saturday, July 21 or Sunday, July 22.
  • Explicitly inform the students that successful completion of the workshop is required as a precondition to employment.

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