Texas Tech University

Romance Languages MA-Spanish: NonThesis

MA Curriculum (Thesis): 36 Hours

Courses may be repeated for credit if content changes.

Required Courses: 6-9 Hours

SPAN 5301: Writing for the Profession (Fall)
SPAN 5354: Hispanic Literary Concepts

Linguistics (required for TAs and GPTIs but encouraged for all others)

LING 5322: Theoretical and Research Foundations of Language Teaching (Fall):credits count toward Spanish.

Core Courses: 27-30 Hours

Graduate Courses Offered in Spanish Literature


Graduate Courses Offered in Spanish Literature

Other Courses

SPAN 5304: Advanced Business Spanish I
SPAN 5305: Advanced Business Spanish II

SPAN 5381: Hispanic Literature of the Southwest

SPAN 5392: The Play in Spanish

SPAN 5347: Study Abroad: Language Development

SPAN 7000: Research (maximum 6 hours)

 * Content varies. Course may be repeated for credit

Minor (optional): 6 Hours

Students may declare a minor as part of the required 27-30 hours of coursework. Possible minors include, but are not limited to:

  • Linguistics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Portuguese
  • Women's Studies


Students must also possess reading knowledge of a third language that is not English or Spanish.

In order to determine standard competency reading knowledge in a language other than English or Spanish:

  • Students may fulfill the reading knowledge requirement by passing with a C- or better the second course of the sophomore sequence of the required language. Those seeking to present a high level of competency will pass with a B- or better any literature course at the third-year level or beyond.
  • How to Satisfy Foreign Language Requirement