Texas Tech University

The Spanish Major

The Spanish major consists of 30 hours of course work at the 2000 level and above with a minimum of 12 hours at the senior level and includes two writing intensive courses. The National CLEP exam is available to students to try and test out of Spanish up to 16 credit hours. Six of the credited hours count towards a major while 11 can count towards a minor. Courses are offered in language, culture, and literature. At least 9 upper level hours must be taken at TTU; 6 hours of advanced courses must be writing intensive. Each major is tailored to the student's individual needs.

Courses offered in Spanish – consult catalog for prerequisites

  • Span 2301 A Second Course in Spanish I
  • Span 2302 A Second course in Spanish II
  • Span 2607 Intensive Spanish - Second Year

Intermediate Courses – minimum of 9 hrs (including 1 WI)

  • Span 3303 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
  • Span 3305 Intermediate Spanish Grammar
  • Span 3306 Introduction to Hispanic Life and Culture
  • Span 3307 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (writing intensive)
  • Span 3343 Spanish Language Development (study abroad)
  • Span 3344 Mexican Life and Culture (study abroad)

Advanced Courses – minimum of 12 hrs (including 1 WI)

  • Span 4303 Advanced Spanish Conversation
  • Span 4305 Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Span 4307 Advanced Composition (writing intensive)
  • Span 4308 Business Spanish
  • Span 4309 Spanish Language Studies-Special Topics
  • Span 4320 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature (writing intensive)
  • Span 4321 Hispanic Prose (writing intensive)
  • Span 4324 Hispanic Drama and Poetry (writing intensive)
  • Span 4325 Hispanic Short Story (writing intensive)
  • Span 4327 Hispanic Literature – Special Topics (writing intensive)
  • Span 4332 Civilización Hispanica: Hispanic Civilization
  • Span 4335 Internship in Spanish (writing intensive)
  • Span 4337 Cultural Topics – Hispanic World
  • Span 4343 Advanced Language Skills (study abroad)
  • Span 4344 Contemporary Mexico (study abroad)
  • Span 4346 Spanish Life and Culture (study abroad)
  • Span 4360 Mexican American Literature (writing intensive)
  • Span 4361 Spanish for the Southwest
  • Span 4373 Capstone Conversational Spanish
  • Span 4392 Play in Spanish

For the Spanish major students generally will take a minimum of 9 hrs at the Intermediate Level and 12-15 hrs at the advanced level. A minimum of 12 hrs MUST be taken at the advanced (43..) level