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The Spanish Major

The Spanish major consists of 30 hours of course work at the 2000 level and above with a minimum of 12 hours at the senior level and includes two writing intensive courses. The National CLEP exam is available to students to try and test out of Spanish up to 16 credit hours. Six of the credited hours count towards a major while 11 can count towards a minor. Courses are offered in language, culture, and literature. At least 9 upper level hours must be taken at TTU; 6 hours of advanced courses must be writing intensive. Each major is tailored to the student’s individual needs.

Students interested in a Spanish minor should contact Liz Hildebrand to discuss their studies and to complete a degree plan.

Courses offered in Spanish – consult catalog for prerequisites

Intermediate Courses – minimum of 9 hrs (including 1 WI)

Advanced Courses – minimum of 12 hrs (including 1 WI)

For the Spanish major students generally will take a minimum of 9 hrs at the Intermediate Level and 12-15 hrs at the advanced level. A minimum of 12 hrs MUST be taken at the advanced (43..) level

Course Descriptions