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Graduate Studies in Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Program

The Division of Spanish & Portuguese seeks to offer a wide range of compelling courses not only in the languages, literatures and cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world but also in linguistics, translation, film, critical theories, and a variety of interdisciplinary approaches that reflect the research and teaching interests of our dynamic and professionally active faculty. As a community of active scholars, we strive to offer to all our graduate students the opportunity for intellectual growth, for the development of critical and analytical skills, for the acquisition of a theoretical foundation for their work, and for the attainment of their professional development as teachers. In our M.A. program, we strive to provide our students with a comprehensive knowledge of major fields of expertise in the discipline through a curriculum that will encourage them to learn broadly and think deeply. At the doctoral level, we endeavor to help our students build on that comprehensive knowledge as they strengthen their theoretical framework and achieve a more advanced level of expertise in a chosen area of research in which they will make a contribution to the field through their doctoral dissertations.

The Spanish MA Programs

For detailed information on the Spanish MA, click here.

For detailed information on the Spanish Linguistics MA, click here.

The Spanish PhD Programs

For detailed information on the Spanish PhD, click here.

For detailed information on the Spanish Linguistics PhD, click here.

Program Admission

For information on what needs to be submitted for admission into a CMLL Spanish graduate program, please click here.

People to Contact

The current Graduate Advisor, Dr. Sara Guengerich, coordinates the Graduate Program, advises students regarding degree programs, and assists students in making sure that requirements and deadlines are met.

For more information on the Spanish MA & PhD Linguistics tracks, contact Dr. Idoia Elola.

Prospective students can also contact the Spanish Graduate Recruiters: Drs. Connie Scarborough and Jorge Zamora. Prospective students can also contact Liz Hildebrand, CMLL Advisor.

Our Faculty

Our faculty members are active researchers who regularly seek both internal and external funding for a myriad of projects. Many of the faculty publish in the top journals in their fields and have published chapters in important edited volumes. All of the publications, conference presentations, and grants help to bring Texas Tech, CMLL, and the Division of Spanish and Portuguese to the attention of researchers in the discipline across the U.S. and, indeed, the world.


In the past five years, edited or co-edited in the Division have been Hispania, Monographic Review, Intertexts (all edited or co-edited by graduate faculty in the Division), and Céfiro (a graduate student journal edited by graduate students in Spanish and Portuguese). Some of the journals edited by the faculty members have also provided opportunities for graduate students to gain important professional experience working as editorial assistants on the journals. These journals bring visibility and vitality to the graduate program.

Our Grad Students

We recruit a graduate student population that is a vibrant and diverse mix of native speakers from a wide variety of Spanish-speaking countries and non-native speakers. Our graduate students are an engaging and engaged group, active in the Céfiro student organization, organizing a conference, publishing a journal, organizing a cultural day, and involved in a variety of activities on campus, in addition to their teaching and studies. They have the opportunity to interact with students from many other countries and cultures in the Department and the University.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fee costs can be found on the Graduate School website.

Financial Support

Information on CMLL Graduate Student Financial Support can be found here.