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Spanish Language Career Opportunities

In almost any job where communication skills are important, a second language is an asset. Parts of the country are already bilingual in Spanish and English, and in some careers knowledge of both of these languages is a necessity.

At the state and regional levels are jobs needing Spanish language skills, in law and law enforcement, state employment agencies such as the Department of Human Resources, and almost all agencies that deal with the public. Many professional positions benefit and often require second language ability. Some examples include regional, county and city welfare employees, medical, dental and other health professionals, and social workers and counselors.

More traditional areas requiring language skills include international and national education, translating, import-export businesses, international or multinational corporations, journalism, publishing, religious organizations, state and federal government, travel and tourism, and welfare.

Teaching is certainly a very rewarding career for language students, and includes such diverse teaching fields as bilingual education, special education, educational administration, and teaching English as a Second Language.

Because of the many career opportunities available in today's fast-changing job market, Spanish language studies (including a major or a minor) can be structured with your degree plan in law, medicine, sociology, psychology, business, mass communication, agriculture, or other languages.