Texas Tech University

Ph.D. in Spanish (Minimum 45 Hours in Spanish)

Required Courses: 3-6 Hours

  • SPAN 5352: Methods of Literary Criticism
Linguistics (required for TAs and GPTIs, but encouraged for all)
  • LING 5322: Theoretical and Research Foundations of Language Teaching

Core Courses: 45 Hours

Choose from courses listed below. Students are required to take at least two courses in peninsular literature, two courses Spanish-American literature and a fifth course from other areas. It is advisable that students take courses from the three main genres and in a variety of periods. Comparable coursework from other institutions will be evaluated. Courses may be repeated for credit if content changes.

Graduate Courses Offered in Spanish Literature


Graduate Courses Offered in Spanish Linguistics

Foreign Language Requirement

  1. Students must possess reading knowledge of two languages other than English or Spanish.
  2. A graduate minor in a language other than English or Spanish may substitute for this requirement.

In order to determine standard competency reading knowledge in a language other than English or Spanish:

  • Students may fulfill the reading knowledge requirement by passing with a C- or better the second course of the sophomore sequence of the required language. Those seeking to present a high level of competency will pass with a B- or better any literature course at the third-year level or beyond.
  • How to Satisfy Foreign Language Requirement

Dissertation: 12 Hours Minimum

Does not count towards the 60 required hours.