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Texas Tech shows its Points of Pride

From the Double T to the Masked Rider, there's alot to be proud of at Texas Tech

Written by Kristen Delisle

Points of Pride

For such a young university, Texas Tech sure has a lot to be proud of.

And soon the rest of state, country and world will know just how great Texas Tech is with the introduction of a new literature series to promote the university called “Points of Pride.” The brochures are an exciting way to let everyone know the amazing things that are going on at Texas Tech, highlighting the history and achievements our students, professors and alumni have made.

The ways to use “Points of Pride” are unlimited – schools and colleges within the Texas Tech University system can tailor the information to their needs to help promote the missions and objectives of each unique program. The brochures will be used primarily by Chancellor Kent Hance to promote Texas Tech and share and show off this amazing university to all.

Download the Points of Pride Brochure

Nov 14, 2017