Texas Tech University

Class Credit Through Work Assignment: Proposal

The proposal must contain the following sections and the corresponding information:

  1. Title Page: This must include the project title, student's name, student's ID number, course number for which credit is sought, employer name, and supervisor name.
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Abstract: A concise summary of the technical work that is to be accomplished. − 200 words or less
  4. Background: A description of the overall project in which you will be a participant, i.e., present the "big picture." − One page or less
  5. Objectives: A description of your technical goals and responsibilities within the above-described project. − 1 to 2 pages max
  6. Methodology: The technical approach you plan to take to accomplish your tasks. − 1 to 2 pages max
  7. References: Include a list of literature that was or will be used to conduct your work.

In the evaluation of the proposal, Sections 5 and 6 will be given the highest importance. Remember, the main purpose of the proposal is to convince the Program Coordinator that, technically, the work assignment is appropriate, challenging, and worthy of course credit.

Electrical & Computer Engineering