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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers many scholarships. Students interested in these scholarships should visit http://www.financialaid.ttu.edu for more information and application instructions.

Available Scholarships

James G. Allen Endowed Scholarship

Chris and Elaine Allison Endowed Scholarship

Chris and Elaine were high school sweethearts. They attended Texas Tech University together from 1986 to 1990. During their time at Tech, they participated in many campus activities and met people that would become lifelong friends. Chris and Elaine became engaged while they earned their undergraduate degrees, hers in advertising and his in electrical engineering. After graduation they were married, had a daughter, and spent 17 charmed years together. In 2006, Elaine was diagnosed with cancer. She died in 2008, leaving behind a life that was filled with personal and professional successes, many of which were built upon the foundations laid by her experiences at Texas Tech. An endowed scholarship was established to memorialize Chris and Elaine's relationship and leave a legacy at Texas Tech.

Elizabeth C. Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship

C. V. Bullen Endowed Scholarship

Burkes Electrical Computer Endowed Scholarship

Tommy R. Burkes worked extensively in the Pulse Power Field and mentored numerous students who have produced excellent engineering results. Upon his early death in the mid 80's, his students mounted the effort to ensure that the scholarship was endowed to provide other students the opportunity that they had enjoyed. Early in his career Tom Burkes wanted to control Big Power machines. As a faculty member discussing the operation of motors and generators, he made it so simple to understand and his delivery was entertaining as well that many students captured his enthusiasm for large power control systems. A well known and able story-teller, he would regale listeners with stories that were mostly true, and certainly with a good conclusion. He maintained professional contacts with colleagues, faculty, former faculty, former students, and friends from all walks of life.

Chinese Alumni Endowed Scholarship

William Peter Davis Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Hicks and Ragland Engineering

Charles and Ruth Houston Endowment

I. C. Lankford Electrical Endowed Scholarship

Fred Montgomery Jr. Endowed Scholarship

H and G and F and M Minter Endowed Scholarship

MPJ Minter taught briefly at Texas Tech prior to opening Minter's repair shop on 19th near Lubbock High School. In the mid 1950s it was customary for families to pay to repair failed electrical household items...mixers, heaters, radios, and various appliances because it was more economical than just replacing the items. Mr. Minter hired many EE students during the mid 1950s to repair the items and to ensure that the students could continue their studies. Mr. Minter was a model railroad enthusiast who displayed and sold a variety of model trains. Because of his interest in electricity, his connection with Tech as a faculty member, and as an employer of EE students, he wanted to ensure that future students would have sufficient funds to continue in the field in which he found so much satisfaction. After closing his store, he and his family endowed the scholarship in their names.

Keith Norris Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships in Synchrophasor Device Engineering

The scholarship program was developed to introduce students to Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU or 'Synchrophasor') device applications for grid operations. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded Texas Tech funds this year for the creation of a synchrophasor based curriculum through the Collaborative Industry-Academic Synchrophasor Engineering Program (CIASEP). The DOE-PMU scholarships will be used to enhance student understanding of grid stability and operation in a real-time environment. Scholarships will be awarded to exceptional students to address critical workforce needs for energy management and energy efficiency. Our national energy policy promotes the workforce education of highly trained personnel which are critical for meeting future energy sector demands.

Scholarships in Semiconductor Device Engineering

The S−SDE program is designed to improve achievement and expedite student progress through the rigorous curriculum in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Recipients will become part of a mentoring program that will provide direction and support. Students will see and experience clear pathways to graduate school and employment in the fields related to semiconductor device engineering. Semiconductor devices include transistor based electronics, high-power devices, RF, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), and more. There is a critical need for highly trained people in the semiconductor device industry sector.

Scholarship candidates will be chosen based on a multi-faceted review system that will include: financial need, scholastic achievement, interest in semiconductor device engineering fields, and recommendations. Finalists will be interviewed by ECE faculty. Awardees will be expected to participate in mentoring activities that include a program specific 1-hour seminar. Recipients will be expected to take semiconductor related electives, apply for industrial internships, and remain in good standing throughout the award.

R. H. Seacat Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Travis L. Simpson Endowed Scholarship

Travis Simpson enrolled at Tech in the early 1960s as a part of the military effort to increase the number of engineers in the ranks of officers. A former football player at Arkansas, a coach within the Air Force, and an enthusiastic sports fan, he and Dr. Seacat quickly became good friends, With a delightful sense of good humor, Travis entertained classmates, faculty , alumni, athletes, and almost all who me or worked with him. Completing his degree in EE, Travis continued his career and retired as US Air Force Colonel. His affiliation with Tech drew him back to the department where he worked as a colleague of faculty, administrators, athletics, former students, and a host of professionals in government service. Upon his retirement from Texas Tech, his retirement event was attended by numerous numbers of his friends and colleagues who enjoyed being a friend of Travis Simpson. Classmates and friends established the Travis Simpson Scholarship and within a short time, contributions increased sufficiently to endow the scholarship!

Ken Taylor Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Ken Taylor, Jr. grew up enjoying the environments wherever his oil-company employed father happened to be living. While they were in southern La., Ken Jr. took to the water immediately and became a skilled operator of any watercraft on the rivers or tesches in their area. When Ken enrolled in Tech he continued to seek opportunities to enjoy swimming and diving. His contagious enthusiasm for electrical engineering and swimming resulted in a cohesive group of students who studied together, worked in labs enthusiastically, and enjoyed the water with Ken. However, due to a sad series of circumstances Ken drowned in a swimming accident in Eastern New Mexico. His friends and classmates immediately rallied and with strong leadership from the officers in Eta Kappa Nu, the Ken Taylor Scholarship was created in the late 1970s and funded by the students themselves.

Texas Rural Electric Coop Endowment

When C. V. Bullen was the EE Chairman, a bill, entitled the Rural Electrification Act was passed by congress and signed into law by President Roosevelt. The ACT provided low cost loans to electric cooperatives which were to provide electric power to farms and ranches. Many of the original Coops still exist and continue to provide electric power to locations. During the period of time that I. C. Lankford was managing the equipment and historic records for the EE Department, many records were available which showed how Mr. Bullen attended meetings, worked with Coops, and provided graduates to work in the field.

It is clearly an assumption at this point but it seems feasible that the Coops (1) recognized the value of Mr. Bullen's contribution for their existence, (2) valued the department that provided employees for their success, and (3) created the scholarships to continue their success in Rural Texas. Representative Coops include many located in or near counties and communities, such as the following: Bailey County, Deaf Smith County, Amarillo, Wellington, Littlefield, Floydada, Dalhart, Lubbock, Tulia, and Quitman.

Steven M. and Margaret Ward Endowment

Alpha Wiggins Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Graduating from Electrical Engineering in 1934, Mr. Wiggins worked in the industry but never lost his fondness for the department and especially the students. When Dr. Seacat was asked to assemble about 10 students who had great promise in the electrical fields, he responded immediately and Mr. Wiggins hosted a nice meal for the students, and quickly assessed their great potential as engineers. Wanting to ensure that such students did continue to graduate from Texas Tech, Mr. Wiggins worked closely with Dr. Seacat and established the Wiggins Endowed Scholarships. Many of the students who have graduated since the early 1980's have been Wiggins scholars.

Yeatts Electrical and Computer Scholarship