Texas Tech University

Atmospheric Science Faculty


Brian Ancell, Associate Professor

Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, severe storms, wind power forecasting, adjoint and ensemble forecast sensitivity.


Karin Ardon-Dryer, Assistant Professor

Role of aerosols in climate and human health.


Eric Bruning, Associate Professor

Cloud and precipitation microphysics, thunderstorm electrification and lightning.


Johannes Dahl, Associate Professor

Dynamics of convective storms and tornadoes, cloud- and mesoscale modeling

Sandip Pal

Sandip Pal, Assistant Professor

Boundary layer and mountain meteorology, turbulence,
lidar remote sensing of state variables and tracers,
carbon cycle and atmospheric aerosols


Richard Peterson, Professor Emeritus

Atmospheric vortices, boundary-layer meteorology, dynamics of severe storms, dust storms, history of meteorology, wind engineering.


John Schroeder, Professor

Wind flow and boundary layer structure in hurricanes and thunderstorm outflows, meso- and microscale observational networks, wind engineering, statistical and time series analysis.


Yonggang Wang, Research Assistant Professor

Mesoscale dynamics of precipitation systems, cloud physics, climate variability and change, data assimilation, numerical weather prediction.


Justin Weaver, Instructor

Operational meteorology


Christopher Weiss, Professor

Convection initiation, dryline dynamics, supercell structure, tornadogenesis.

Administrative Staff

debbie walker

Debbie Walker, Unit Coordinator

Atmosphere Science Program