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  • We are very pleased to report that Dr. John Schroeder has been named as the Senior Director of the National Wind Institute.  In addition, John will serve as the Technical Director for Prediction and Measurement, one of the three areas of NWI research excellence.
  • The NASA InSight Mission probe successfully landed on the surface of Mars on November 26.  Dr. Seiichi Nagihara is working on the mission to learn how the thermal conductivity of the Mars regolith is affected by seasonal changes in surface atmospheric pressure and temperature.  
  • Dr. Eric Bruning will receive the 2018 Atmospheric and Space Electricity Early Career Award at AGU's Fall Meeting 2018.  The award recognizes "outstanding early career contributions to atmospheric and space electricity." Dr. Bruning's research has combined his observational studies with innovative theoretical methods to provide new insights into the processes by which storms produce lightning.  Congratulations Eric!
  • Dr. Seiichi Nagihara was recently selected by NASA  to join the Mars InSight Mission. This team will study data never before collected. "There have been many missions to Mars, but this one is different from the rover missions," says Nagihara. "This mission will probe beneath the planet's surface for the first time." 
  • The department welcomes Dr. Sandip Pal. His research interests lie in the development and application of advanced ground-based and airborne lidar systems for defining atmospheric state variables, tracers, aerosol properties, and boundary layer dynamics and turbulence features. Sandip was an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Meteorology & Atmospheric Science at Penn State before joining TTU.
  • The department welcomes Dr. Neo McAdams. Her research focuses on understanding the geochronology of the Silurian system across the United States. Within her research she uses integrated high-resolution biochemistratigraphy for assessing these dynamics. Before joining TTU, Neo obtained her PhD from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Iowa.
  • The department welcomes Dr. Kevin Mulligan as the new Chair of Geosciences. Dr. Mulligan has a research background in geomorphology and geographic information systems. He has taught geography and GIS courses at Texas Tech for nearly 20 years. The department would also like to thank Dr. Jeff Lee for his service as Chair over the past five years. 
  • Dr. Christopher Weiss received a $324,000 NSF grant to support a research project titled, "Collaborative Research: Target Observation by Radars and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) of Supercells (TORUS)."
  • We are sad to report that Dr. Otis W. Templer Jr passed away on May 8, 2018.  Dr. Templer was among the founders of the Department of Geography and served on the faculty at Texas Tech for more than 45 years. If you would like to remember Dr. Templer and acknowledge his many contributions to the department and the university, his family suggests memorial contributions to the Otis and Josephine Templer Geography Scholarship Endowment.

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