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Giving & Endowments

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Department Excellence Funds

 Fund Supporting
Geography Excellence Fund Scholarships, travel and research activities for students majoring in Geography
Geology and Geosciences Fund for Excellence Visiting speakers, student recruitment activities, student research, the Imperial Barrel Team, and in some cases, scholarships.
Lewis G. Weeks Geosciences Endowment A general fund supporting student and faculty research in the Geosciences.

Scholarship Funds in Atmospheric Sciences

Fund Purpose and Benefit
Stephen Lewis Jones Scholarship Supporting graduate students in the Atmospheric Science program
Jurica Atmospheric Sciences Scholarship Providing scholarships to graduate student in the Amospheric Sciences program.

Scholarship Funds in Geography

Fund Purpose and Benefit
Gary Elbow Scholarship Supporting students majoring in Geography
Otis & Josephine Templer Geography Scholarship Supporting graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Geography

Scholarship Funds in Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry

Fund Purpose and Benefit
George B. Asquith Scholarship for Excellence in Petroleum Geology Graduate students pursuing excellence in geoloyg and geophysics whose research concerns the orgin, exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources
Ann and Dennis Bell Geology Scholarship Supporting working undergraduates in the semester that they enroll in field camp.
John P. Brand Scholarship Supports field work activities for graduate students conducting research in stratigraphy or paleontology
Devon Energy Corporation Petroleum Geosciences Fellowship For the benefit of undergraduate or graduate students in the Geosciences
Dominion Geology Scholarship Supporting undergraduate students who have permanent residency in the U.S.
Frank M. Hall Scholarship For undergraduate Geology majors with a concentration in Geophysics
Alonzo D. Jacka Scholarship Supporting student research in sedimentary petrology, especially as applied to hydrocarbon exploration and production
Michael Louis Kincer Memorial Scholarship Providing scholarships for undergraduate students majoring in Geology and the Geosciences
Lubbock Gem and Mineral Society Scholarship Providing scholarships to undergraduate students majoring in Geology and the Geosciences
E.A. McCullough Graduate Scholarship Supporting graduate students with interests in Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry
Dr. Grover E. Murray Endowment for the Department of Geosciences Supporting undergraduate students majoring in Geosciences
Michael B. Portnoy Liquidus Scholarship For the benefit of graduate students in Geosciences, particularly those with research interests in aqueous and environmental geochemistry
Rasmusson Family Scholarship Supporting Geoscience undergraduate students, particularly those with a concentration in Geophysics
Michael Jerome Rogers and Avery Dawson Rosen Memorial Supporting senior undergraduates majoring in Geosciences
Deskin Shurbet Scholarship To support graduate and undergraduate degrees pursuing degrees and research in the field of Geophysics
Dr. F. Alton Wade Research Scholarship Providing scholarship support to graduate students pursuing research and fieldwork in Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
Dr. F. Alton Wade Geology Scholarship Supporting undergraduate students majoring in Geosciences
Vestal and Ouida Yeats Scholarship Supporting upper-division undergraduate students in the Geosciences.
Geoscience Sigma Gamm Epsilon Scholarship Supporting undergraduates majoing in Geosciences
Stephens Exploration Inc. Geology Scholarship Honoring Russell A. Stephens ('50) Supporting undergraduate students in Geosciences
Heather S. Anderson Arts & Sciences Scholarship Supporting undergraduate students majoring in Geosciences or Geophysics
Jason & Nancy Currie Scholarship Supporting undergraduate students majoring in Geosciences
Matt and Ginger Williams Endowment Supporting students, with a preference for undergraduates, majoring in Geosciences