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Faculty Profile

Dr. Nancy J. Bell

Nancy J. Bell, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
806-742-3000, ext.269 - Office 606

Northwestern University, 1973

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


Developmental theory, identity processes, narrative, adolescence.

Recent Publications:

Bell, N.J., Wieling, E., & Watson, W. (2007). Processes of self-construction: Micro indicators of developmental patterns following transition to university. Identity, 7, 1-26.

Bell, N.J., Kerksiek, K.A., Kanitkar, K., Watson, W., Das, A., Kostina-Ritchey, E., Russell, M.H., & Harris, K. (2009). University students in recovery: Implications of different types of recovery identities, and common challenges. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 27, 426-441.

Bell, N.J. (2009). Making connections: Considering the dynamics of narrative stability from a relational approach. Narrative Inquiry, 19, 280-306.

Watson, W.K., Bell, N.J., & Stelle, C. (2010). Women narrate later-life remarriage: Negotiating the cultural to create the personal. Journal of Aging Studies, 24, 302-312.

Bell, N.J., & Das, A. (2011).  Emergent organization in the dialogical self:  Evolution of a “both” ethnic identity position. Culture & Psychology, 17, 263-277.     

Baron, E., Bell, N.J., Corson, K., Kostina-Ritchey, E., & Frederick, H. (2012).  Girls discuss choice of an all-girl middle school:  Narrative analysis of an early adolescent identity project.  Journal of Early Adolescence, 32, 464-487.    

Bell, N.J., Baron, E., Corson, K., Kostina-Ritchey, E., & Frederick, H. (in press).  Parent-adolescent decision making:  Embracing dialogical complexity.  Journal of Family Issues. (Published online March 14, 2013).

Bell, N.J.  (2013).  Rhythm and semiotic structures of long-term ambivalence in the dialogical self: Eating disorder and recovery voices. Journal of Constructivist Psychology26 (4).

Bell, N.J. (2013).  Dialogical processes of self-transformation:  The sample case of eating disorder recovery.  Identity, 13, 46-72.

Aranha,K.M., Bell, N.J., & Dunham, C. (2013).  Older adults navigating Medicare:  When benefits are denied.  Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 56, 145-163.  

Bell, N.J., Corson, K., & Baron, E. (in press).  Contingent Resistances Methodology:  Analyzing Resistance in Parents’ and Daughters’ Choice of an All-Girl Middle School. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.