Texas Tech University

Human Development and Family Studies



Name Title
Mastergeorge, Ann, Ph.D. Mastergeorge, Ann, Ph.D. Chairperson, Rockwell Endowed Child and Family Professor
Ziegner, Mitzi, M.Ed. Ziegner, Mitzi, M.Ed. Associate Chairperson, Director, GPIDEA Early Childhood Online Program

Department Faculty

Name Title
Bell, Nancy, Ph.D. Bell, Nancy, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Caldera, Yvonne, Ph.D. Caldera, Yvonne, Ph.D. Professor
Chae, Yoojin, Ph.D. Chae, Yoojin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Colwell, Malinda, Ph.D. Colwell, Malinda, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Graduate Program Adviser
Cong, Zhen, Ph.D. Cong, Zhen, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Fischer, Judith, Ph.D. Fischer, Judith, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Fitzpatrick, Jacki, Ph.D. Fitzpatrick, Jacki, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Hart, Sybil, Ph.D. Hart, Sybil, Ph.D. Professor
Johnson, Stacy, M.S. Johnson, Stacy, M.S. Instructor
Martin, Monica, Ph.D. Martin, Monica, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
McCarty, Michael, Ph.D. McCarty, Michael, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Mulsow, Miriam, Ph.D. Mulsow, Miriam, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Niehuis, Sylvia, Ph.D. Niehuis, Sylvia, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Oh, Wonjung, Ph.D. Oh, Wonjung, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
O’Boyle, Michael, Ph.D. O’Boyle, Michael, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Dean for Research
Reifman, Alan, Ph.D. Reifman, Alan, Ph.D. Professor
Scott, Jean, Ph.D. Scott, Jean, Ph.D. Professor, TTU Faculty Ombudsperson
Sharp, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Sharp, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Shine, Stephanie, Ph.D. Shine, Stephanie, Ph.D. Instructor, Early Childhood Program Adviser
Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Wang, Zhe, Ph.D. Wang, Zhe, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Weiser, Dana, Ph.D. Weiser, Dana, Ph.D. Assistant Professor


Human Development and Family Studies