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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Yvonne Caldera
Yvonne Caldera, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
(806)834-7396 - Office 310

University of Kansas, 1990

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


Normative development of Mexican American children and families; the relation between infant child care and children’s socio-emotional development; connections between parenting and infants’ socio-emotional development; the role of the father in young children’s lives; factors associated with the quality of the co-parenting relationship; and young children’s play with sex-typed toys.

Recent Publications:

Caldera, Y. M. & , S. (in press). Exposure to child care, parenting styles and attachment security. Infant and Child Development.

Caldera, Y. M., & Lindsey, E. W. (2006). Coparenting, mother-infant interaction, and infant-parent attachment relationships in two-parent families. Journal of Family Psychology, 20(2), Jun 2006, 275-283.

Lindsey, E. W., & Caldera, Y. M. (2005). Interparental agreement on the use of control in childrearing and infant’s compliance to mother’s control strategies. Journal of Infant Behavior and Development, 28, 165-178.

Lindsey, E. W., Caldera, Y. M., & Colwell, M. J. (2005). Correlates of coparenting during infancy. Family Relations, 54, 346 -359.

Caldera, Y. M.(2004). Parental involvement and infant father attachment: A Q-Set study. Fathering A Journal of Theory, research, and Practice About Men as Fathers, 2, 191-210.