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Human Development and Family Studies

Section II | Legal Services for Children & Families

Nature of the Job

Many human services related jobs have a legal component and require some knowledge of laws pertaining to children, families, mental health, the disabled, etc. There are other jobs that focus primarily on legal services. These would be good choices if you have an interest in the law and are considering law school as a future possibility.

Where You Might Work

Examples of job settings are working as an assistant within the court system or DA’s office. Other possibilities include legal divisions of agencies such as the Office of the Attorney General, or mediation work in civil cases involving divorce and child custody.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Sociology

Suggested Internship Sites for FS 4332/HD 4314:

  • Legal Aid Society of Lubbock
  • Lubbock County District Attorney, Civil Division
  • South Plains Association of Governments

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Legal Services
Legal Services

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Domestic Assault Intervention Advocate
    • Experience in providing advocacy with battered women in criminal and family court and law enforcement systems. Knowledge of battered women’s issues and a sensitivity to diverse racial, economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Family Court Investigator
    • Requires a Master’s degree in Behavioral or Social Sciences, a working knowledge of family systems theory, the Texas Family Code as it pertains to adoption; child custody, access and support, professional standards, as well as principles, practices and techniques of counseling, mediation, and psychological assessments. Must have ability to obtain, interpret and evaluate information regarding family behavior from various sources. Will conduct comprehensive contested child custody and adoption assessments utilizing, but not limited to, interviews of parents, children, relatives, mental health professionals, law enforcement and relevant members of the community. Will prepare computer generated social studies and provide such to the Family District Courts and serve as a witness providing testimony in contested child custody and domestic relations disputes and conduct mediation and conciliation conferences.