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Section II | Medical Related Services

Nature of the Job

Examples of medical-related careers are in programs or departments within large hospitals such as community relations, development, and patient services. Some HDFS students are interested in becoming Child Life Specialists, working with hospitalized children and their families. Others may look toward an emphasis on parenting skills to help first-time parents, often teens, in programs such as University Medical Center’s "Parenting Plus."

Where You Might Work

Possibilities include hospitals or community health-related agencies or organizations, in AIDS resource centers, and with corporations such as Interim Health Care.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Charter Plains Hospital
  • Interim Health Care
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Covenant Hospital (various departments)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital (various departments)
  • Total Home Health Care
  • University Medical Center (various departments)

Additional Sources

Healthcare Career Directory

Ronald W. Fry, Ed. Gale Research Co., Inc., Detroit, MI, l993.

Barron’s Futures in Health: A Complete Career Guidance Handbook for Prospective Allied Professionals

Barron’s Education Series, Inc., Hauppage, NY

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Medical Related Services

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Child Life Specialist
    • Responsible for preparing children for medical experience with coping strategies, communicating with members of health care team, orienting and supervising volunteers, and child life students. Master’s degree preferred, three years experience working with children and families in a hospital setting.
  • Client Service Representative
    • Clinical laboratory organization currently seeking Client Service Representative to act as liaison between clients and the laboratory to resolve problems through phone contact. Must be computer proficient with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Customer Service Supervisor
    • Multi-state service center. Seek a customer service professional with managed care customer service experience and supervisory experience and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Offer excellent compensation package and relocation assistance.
  • Intake/Case Manager
    • Interviewing patients for enrollment into different health care delivery programs, including homeless, prenatal, Medicaid, and CDPC. Case management for prenatal and homeless programs.
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
    • Counsels people with disabilities and helps them investigate, prepare for and obtain suitable jobs. May counsel persons with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities--including those with learning problems, head injuries, and drug/alcohol addictions.