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Section III | Advertising

Nature of the Job

The various components of advertising require people with different skills and interests including art, media, writing, and business. Jobs within the field of advertising that might be of interest to HDFS graduates are:

  • Research and Development. Conduct public opinion surveys about the product, help to determine what type of advertising will have the most impact, gather information about competing products.
  • Media Planners and Buyers. Gather information on media costs; advise on the types of media most likely to reach particular audiences and at the lowest cost—radio, TV, magazine ads, etc.
  • Copywriters. Take ideas from creative teams or executives and write advertising copy for various media.

Where You Might Work

In addition to advertising agencies, jobs in advertising are available within many national corporations and retail businesses.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Advertising

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Advertising agencies or advertising departments within corporations

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Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Advertising Copywriter
    • Develops original ideas for advertising campaigns. Writes headlines and text of print ads, and scripts for radio and TV commercials. May also write publicity releases, direct mail appeals and other promotional materials.
  • Advertising Sales Assistant
    • Work closely with sales representatives and advertisers to coordinate advertising. Customer service and computer experience helpful.
  • Field Representative
    • Identify and record underwriting and loss control information. This involves identifying and recording rating and underwriting information on commercial property sites providing quality analysis and preparing related reports.
  • Research and Development
    • Conduct surveys and gather information to find out who the buyers of a product are and what type of theme would be most likely to impact buyers. They research competitor’s products to see how the product could be best used to their advantage. Through this research, directors will know how best to advertise their client’s products.
  • Technical Recruiter
    • Duties include working with the sales staff to fill job requirements that have been given by clients.