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Section III | Media: Radio and TV

Nature of the Job

Broadcasting’s career opportunities are many and varied, for example, programming—plan program schedule to give stations broad audience appeal, producers and directors—plan and supervise production of programs, announcers, news and public affairs staff, reporters and correspondents, promotion staff, community affairs—plan and execute services for the community, and sales staff—securing advertising.

Where You Might Work

Local or national, network or cable stations.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Mass Communications

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Radio and TV stations

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Media: Radio and TV
Radio & TV

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Community Affairs Director
    • Plans and executes community service programs. This includes public service announcements, public affairs programming, special events and public service campaigns that deal with community-related issues.
  • Continuity Writers
    • These writers script commercial announcements, public service announcements, and station promotional announcements. On occasions these writers are called on to create program material.
  • Newscaster
    • Seeking naturally talented individual to do local news. Good beginners station open to any degree field.
  • Program Directors
    • Plan program schedule and integrate programs to give the station a broad audience appeal. Also will develop new programming and improve old programs. Needs experience the ability to supervise and administrate.
  • Promotional Staff
    • Promotes programs, image and activities. This department plans and directs advertising campaigns, arranges for public appearances and designs promotional activities. Also may develop sales promotions.
  • Reporter
    • General assignment reporter three days a week and cop beat two days a week. Must have command of the language. Must have strong reporting, editing, and layout skills. Must be a people person and must enjoy working. Great staff and working environment.
  • Sales Staff
    • Sales positions can be on several different levels. National and local sales positions available. Sales on the local level are in the form of full programs, portions of programs, or commercial announcements. Some national companies will do spot advertising on the local level. Usually a sales manager is responsible for the sales department.
  • Television Producer/Director
    • Bachelor’s degree in mass communications, journalism, telecommunications or related area, and at least one year of communications-related experience required. Prefer eighteen months experience in producing public affairs educational, or documentary type programming and demonstrable television production and broadcast operations knowledge related to studio and field production; FCC Radio Telephone Operator’s License or ability to obtain license.