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Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Profile

Dr. Jacki Fitzpatrick
Jacki Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Human Development and Family Studies
(806)834-1235 - Office 310

Auburn University, 1994

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


Romance/marriage/friendships in young adulthood, parasocialism.

Member, TTU Teaching Academy

Recent Publications:

Fitzpatrick, J., Sharp, E.A., & Reifman, A. (2009).  Midlife singles’ willingness to date partners with heterogeneous characteristics. Family Relations, 58, 121-133.

Fitzpatrick, J., Liang, S., Feng, D., Crawford, D., Sorell, G., & Morgan-Fleming, B. (2006). Social values and self-disclosure: A comparison of Chinese native, Chinese resident (in U.S.) and American spouses. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 37, 113-127.

Fischer, J., Fitzpatrick, J., Cleveland, B., Lee, J., McKnight, A., & Miller, B. (2005). Binge drinking in the context of romantic relationships to Addictive Behaviors, 30, 1496-1516.

Fitzpatrick, J., Feng, D., & Liang, S. (Accepted). Conflict-satisfaction linkages among Chinese native, Chinese resident, and American spouses. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal.