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Procedures for Graduate Student Travel Applications

You may apply for travel support if you are an author on a paper or poster that is being presented at a professional meeting. The procedures for applying are as follows. Note that you must complete your application and submit it to the department at least 35 days prior to travel in order to obtain funding from the graduate school as well as from the department.

  1. Go to TTU Graduate School website
  2. Click on “Forms”
  3. Find “Student Travel”
  4. Print all three forms
  5. Follow the instructions to prepare your application. Note that you need to include a brief summary of your trip, and evidence that the paper has been accepted (e.g., conference program, email acceptance, etc.).
  6. Submit your application to the HDFS Chairperson. Since the Graduate School requires that the application to be submitted 30 days prior to the trip, you will need to submit the application to the HDFS Chairperson at least 5 days before this deadline. The Chairperson will add the amount to be contributed by the department, and then return the form to you so that you can submit it to the Graduate School.
  7. Submit your application to the Graduate School.
Note. The Graduate School will help with only one trip per year. If you are applying for a second trip, complete the application as above and submit it to the HDFS Chairperson. Put a note on the application indicating that it is a second trip. The department will help as much as possible, although financial support for a second trip is not guaranteed (especially toward the end of the year).

Contact Dr. Miriam Mulsow or call 806-742-3000 if you have questions about these procedures.