Texas Tech University

Texas Tech alumnus receives esteemed leadership role at the age of 31.

By Ashley Ryan, College of Human Sciences Marketing and Communications

Heath Bowman credits Texas Tech and The College of Human Sciences for preparing him for his latest career advancement.

Heath Bowman TTU2007 Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM) Alumnus Heath Bowman may be a Pirate now, but he still holds true to his Red Raider Roots and credits his experiences at Texas Tech for giving him a unique edge in his career.

After graduating with his Bachelor's degree from Texas Tech in 2007, Bowman received his Master's of Education in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Arkansas in 2011 and is now the Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations at East Carolina University.

Bowman reflects that marrying his lovely wife, Ashley, has been his greatest personal success story and also credits her for driving him forward in his current position of Associate Vice Chancellor.

"It has been an incredible experience thus far and I know that the education I received in the College Of Human Sciences at Texas Tech has helped to prepare me for this experience."

Bowman's experience at Texas Tech and within the COHS has prepared him to not only meet but to exceed customers' expectations.

"The core principles I learned in the RHIM program – customer service, team leadership, the importance of relationships and positive impressions have helped me in my work within higher education. It is one thing to understand a concept or a principle; it's another thing entirely to be able to understand people and their inherent wants and needs. That is precisely what my education helped equip me to do."

Bowman recalls being apart of the Dinner Series course as a RHIM student.

"My dinner series partner and I still keep in touch to this day, which is incredible considering that she lives in Alaska! The whole experience was such a challenge to be responsible for everything from selecting a theme to planning a menu, forecasting food cost and choosing décor. What an amazing thing to be a part of! I'm so proud to see the dinner series course still going strong."

Fellow Red Raider and mentor, Charlie Adams, Ph.D., Director of Recruiting and an Associate Professor for the RHIM program, made a great impact on Bowman.

"He would always instill in us that the most successful people were those who stood out from the rest in their superior attention to detail and level of service. It is advice that has proven valuable time and time again."

Bowman offers some of his own advice to younger alumni and current students who aspire to pursue a similar career path.

"I would say, 'Go for it!' I would also let them know that they could absolutely reach out to me if I could help them in any way. Life is all about helping others and paying it forward in appreciation for the help you receive along the way. We're all in this together."