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The College of Human Sciences is dedicated to student success at Texas Tech University and beyond graduation. Our student organizations foster environments for like-minded individuals to let their voices be heard. Want to get involved? Reach out to one of our amazing student organizations below!

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Organizations Open To All COHS Students

Dean's Leadership Council

This collective voice of Human Sciences students will serve as a student government focusing on the needs and concerns of the students in the College of Human Sciences. The president of each Human Sciences organization represents his or her respective organization. If the president is unable to serve another member of the organization may be chosen by the Advisor or executive council for that organization.
Advisor: Mitzi Lauderdale, HS 154

Human Sciences Ambassadors

Ambassadors is an organization that allows current students to share their passion for Human Sciences with prospective new students. Ambassadors give academic information sessions and college tours to prospective new students to help ease their transition to becoming a Red Raider. Student Ambassadors travel with the coordinator to on-campus resource fairs, high schools, junior colleges, and organization meetings across the state.

Advisor: Cindy Villegas, JulieAnne Pender
website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/hs/ambassadors/index.php

President: Whitney Little
Officers: Kaitlyn Cramer, Carlos Villalobos, Destinee Culver, Katie Blanks

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS)

The mission of the AAFCS is to provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families and communities in making informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.
Advisor: Dr. Barbara Allison, HS 269A

President: Hannah Brock
Officers: Nicole Lastocz, Kylie Ostergrant, Delacy Bruggeman, Jennifer Campbell, Martha Garcia

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

The American Society of Interior Designers supports student member activity within educational institutions. ASID students and Texas Tech University students work hard to develop professional skills and network with other members.
Advisor: Michelle Pearson, HS 210A

President: Katelynn Franklund
Officers: TBD

Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U)

The Omega Chapter of Phi U is part of a national honor society of Human Sciences students who excel academically. Phi U strives to promote academic achievement, service and friendship. Phi U recognizes and encourages academic excellence, develops qualities of personal and professional leadership, and provides opportunities for professional service as well as service to the profession. The Omega Chapter conducts initiation by invitation for students with a 3.25 GPA or above.
Advisor: Ashlee Brown, HS 159

President: Priscilla Rodriguez
Officers: Monste Castillo, Merideth Smallen, Reagan Madigan, Taylor Jameson, Catie Alcantar, Hannah Fernandez, Peyton Warren

Entrepreneurs in Risk Management (ERM)

The mission of the Entrepreneurs in Risk Management is to provide opportunities for its members to learn from guest  speakers from different avenues of the risk management industry. ERM aims to send its students to conferences and other industry events throughout the year.
Advisor: Dr. John Gilliam, HS 241

President: Aashwin Sachdev
Officers: Kelechi Ibe, Preston Tharp

Hi-Tech Fashion Group

Hi-Tech Fashion Group is a professional organization specific for Apparel Design and Manufacturing and any students interested in learning about the fashion industry. Hi-Tech sponsors activities to boost your resume and provide fashion opportunities at Texas Tech University. We establish a sense community of Fashion students and alumni by hosting presentations of successful professionals, fashion shows and holding career and style seminars in the fields of apparel design, merchandising, journalism, and marketing. Hi-Tech also provides community service through local volunteering opportunities. Getting involved and connected is the best way to grow as a designer and excel in a demanding field.
Advisor: Rachel Anderson, Ashley Rougeaux-Burnes

President: Kelsey Linnartz
Officers: Alex McMayon, Gabriella Montelongo, Tatum Roach, Hanna Doerbeck, Ashlynne Tursi

Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND)

The Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an organization that offers its members to attend nutrition and dietetics events, committees, community service, and networking opportunities throughout the academic year. SAND is involved with various local organizations and charities in the Lubbock community including the South Plains Food Bank, United Future Leaders, and Ronald McDonald House of Charities. This organization is a great way to get involved in nutrition and gain experiences that will prepare you for your future as a Registered Dietitian.
Advisor: Shelley Fillipp, HS 281C

President: Amanda Shumaker
Officers: Amanda Shumaker, Jannin Macias, Caitlin Alcantar, Darby Atwood, Shavonne Morrison, Kimberly Toscano, Sarah Whitten, Stephani Clevenger, Mia Corkill Alternate

Tech Council on Family Relations

Tech CFR members and stakeholders work to fulfill the mission of the organization by providing information and networking sessions, regular meetings with guest speakers, service opportunities, and social events! In accordance with both the National Council on Family Relations and Tech CFR, our mission is to provide an educational forum for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards, and work to promote family well-being.
Advisor: Dr. Dana Weisser and Dr. Shera Jackson

President: Karsen Davis
Officers: Mackenzie Gerard, Matthew Koehl, Alyssa Baldwin, Fahteems Bah

Organizations Open to Specific COHS Students

Knowledge Empowering You (KEY) Outreach

KEY Outreach provides financial empowerment to Personal Financial Planning students in the College of Human Sciences. Its members serve the community of Lubbock through presentations based on key personal finance topics.
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Asebedo, HS 259, pfp.keyoutreach@ttu.edu

President: Briana Doucette
Officers: Tyler Clearman, Galen Bearden, Michela Palmer

Red to Black

Red to Black Peer Financial Coaching provides financial education and awareness to students through individual coaching sessions, presentations, and outreach booths. Red to Black cover topics such as creating budgets, building and using credit wisely, maximizing student loans, and choosing employee benefits. Red to Black's purpose is to empower students so that they can achieve their financial goals. 
Advisor: Dr. Chris Browning, HS 252
Website: www.r2b.ttu.edu
Email: redtoblack@ttu.edu

President: Lauren Winkelman
Officers: Kim Diemer, James Palmer

Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management (RHIM) Association

Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management Association is a student organization for RHIM majors and minors. This organization has monthly meetings, socials, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising events. Members are able to travel to tour hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to make employment connections. RHIM Association aims to build peer relationships among the RHIM community to ensure a successful entrance into employment after graduation.

Advisor: Dr. Charlie Adams, HS 172E

President: Julia Hernandez
Officers: Julia Hernandez, Sabrina Rebaldo, Alexandra Washington, Lianna Cottrell

Personal Financial Planning Association (PFPA)

The PFPA serves as the student organization for students interested in a career in personal financial planning and the financial services profession. PFPA members also have the opportunity to become members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Society of Financial Services Professional (FSP), and other national professional organizations. Personal Financial Planning majors network with industry professionals from across the country to learn about internships and opportunities in the field.
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Asebedo, HS 259

President: Tanner Merritt
Officers: Adam Legler, Maria Eriksen, December Holladay, Han Xue, Rachel Romero

Student Government Association for Human Sciences (SGA)

SGA representatives strive for honor in the service and protection of the student body of Texas Tech University, through representing both the College of Human Sciences and the university in their interests by developing personal relationships. SGA works diligently to cultivate partnerships with the student body, administration, faculty, staff, and community to maximize each student's educational and personal growth.
Advisor: Michael Gunn
Website: sga.ttu.edu

Chair: William Harris
Vice Chair: Kelly Fletcher

The Student Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (SAMFT)

The Student Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (SAMFT) is an organization of students in the program of Marriage and Family Therapy committed to promoting student networking, voluntarism, developing the potential of students, and to improving the program through the effective action and leadership of student members. The organization offers educational and charitable opportunities for its members.
Advisor: Dr. Kristy Soloski, HS 167A

President: Benjamin Finlayson
Officers: Gary McCrory, Shelby Sewell, Caroline Gimarc, Katey Lunos, Kelsie Krupitzer

Organizations Open to Specific COHS Graduate Students

Human Development and Family Studies Graduate Student Association (HDFS-GSA)

An organization for graduate students in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies that ensures student representation at faculty meetings and on departmental committees to advocate for student interests and concerns. The purpose of HDFS-GSA is to provide a forum for graduate students in the department of HDFS to socialize and provide support for one another and to facilitate communication between graduate students and the department. The organization also provides an opportunity for students to interact with each other and to build professional relationships through community engagement and enrichment.
Advisor: Dr. Michael McCarty, HS 504

President: Leslie Hasty
Officers: Ali Luempert, Jessica Blume

Graduate Nutrition Organization (GNO)

The Graduate Nutrition Organization (GNO) serves as a friendly network for graduate students in the Nutritional Sciences department at Texas Tech University, offering meetings and activities for its members. The organization also seeks to enhance TTU campus-wide awareness of nutrition-related issues, as well as the awareness in the Lubbock community.
Advisor: Dr. Wilna Oldewage and Dr. Debra Reed

President: Makenzie Miller
Officers: Sharmin Akter, Upasana Mukherjee, William Quarles, Ana Moyeda, Yaqiong Zhu, Yasaman Jamshidi, Rownock Afruza