Texas Tech University

College of Human Sciences Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The College of Human Sciences will have premier research, outreach, and educational programs that enhance human well-being around the world.

Mission Statement

The College of Human Sciences provides multidisciplinary education, research, and service focused on individuals, families, and their environments for the purpose of improving and enhancing the human condition.

The College of Human Sciences ... 

Has programs that provide exceptional educational opportunities for students interested in improvement of the human condition. Programs are related to social science, business, design, education and nutritional sciences. Faculty, staff, and students advance research concerning individual, social and economic development, in a multidisciplinary environment to benefit families and individuals in a diverse global community. Outreach is also provided to individuals, organizations, and communities to help improve the society in which we live.
We value:

  • A caring learning environment;
  • Empowering students, faculty and staff to achieve fulfilling personal and professional lives;
  • A sense of community and a sustained culture of respect, cooperation, and problem solving;
  • Multidisciplinary, diverse, and dynamic programs;
  • Application to help solve real life problems;
  • Social and ethical responsibility to each other and the communities we serve.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

Strategic Planning Report for FY 2015

  • Priority 1:  Increase Enrollment and Promote Student Success
  • Priority 2:  Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation
  • Priority 3:  Expand and Enhance Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Priority 4:  Further Outreach and Engagement
  • Priority 5:  Increase and Maximize Resources

Access complete Strategic Planning Report here.