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Red Raider Orientation College of Human Sciences Advising


Room 159
Phone: (806) 742-1180
Email: HS.Advising@ttu.edu
Fax: (806) 742-0351

Advising Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Please call us or schedule an appointment online.

How to Register for Classes

Step 1

Go to:

  1. Raiderlink.ttu.edu
  2. Click MyTech Tab
  3. Click Registration

Step 2

Degree Works (some majors use degree planning sheets instead)

  • Find out what courses you have left to take that will apply to your major
  • Be sure to check the prereqs of the courses you are interested in

Schedule Builder

  • Select the term at the top
  • UNCHECK full, waitlist, & online (online courses may be reserved for online students) and hide honors if you are not an honors student
  • Type the course numbers one at a time into the "select course" box
  • Use the arrow keys to find the schedule that you like best!
  • Once you have found a schedule, use the CRN numbers located at the bottom of the screen in the shopping cart to register for your courses

Step 3

Raiderlink Add Drop

  • Register for Classes
  • Select the term
  • Enter CRNS (top left corner)
  • Type in the CRN #s one by one
  • Add to summary

Step 4

    (You will not be registered if you do not click SUBMIT!)
  • After your submission goes through, your courses will either say "registered" in green or "error" in red (If you receive an error that you do not understand, find out what type of error it is so that we can better help you!)
  • Please click on the Registration Troubleshooting Tab if experiencing ERRORS.

Below are the most common restrictions or errors you may receive.

Advisor permission required

  • Students must seek permission from the advisor of the course (EX: ENGL 1301 – contact the English advisor)

Campus Restriction

  • Courses/sections may be restricted to online or off-campus students only. If you are a Lubbock student, you are not permitted to take a course that is "campus restricted". All sections that begin with a "D" (ex. D01, D51, DC1) are online or offered only at our regional sites.
    • NOTE: TTU offers courses online for our Costa Rican campus students. Non-Costa Rican students are NOT permitted to enroll in these online sections under any circumstances. These sections appear as DC1, DC2, etc.

Class Restriction

  • Students must have completed hours for classification specified. (Ex: junior/senior standing).
    • First-Year Student: 0-29 hours
    • Sophomore: 30-59 hours
    • Juniors: 60-89 hours
    • Seniors: 90 hours until completion

Co-req required

  • Student must be enrolled in at least two separate courses at the same time to be able to register (EX: NS 4330 and 4130)


  • Student is registered for the course already. Some courses allow duplicate registration but must have approval from advisor.

Exceeds credit hours

  • Student is attempting to register for more credit than allowed (fall and spring = 19 hrs; summer term = 8 hrs)

Field of study

  • Student is not declared in the specific major/minor/concentration

Full/Closed Class

  • All of the seats have been taken, student will NOT be able to get in at that time. If there is a waitlist, register for that; if a spot opens up student will be notified via email and will have 24hrs to register. Keep checking to see if a spot opens up.


  • Student is not admitted for courses under that level of program. (EX: undergraduate trying to register for graduate level course)

Link error

  • Some courses or lectures require discussion sections and/or a lab section. All must be registered for at the same time.

Major Restriction

  • Some courses will only allow students within that major/minor/concentration to register.

Prerequisite/Test Score Error

  • Student has not completed a requirement that is required prior to the enrollment of the class you are now trying to register for.
  • Prereqs are listed in the course description; the course description can be found by clicking on the course title in the add/drop site and then selecting prerequisites on left in the Class Details.

Teaching department permission required

  • Student cannot register without permission from the college/department that offers the course.

Time conflict

  • The courses the student is attempting to register for are scheduled at the same time.

E-MAIL your advisor with any questions.

Important Websites and Resource Links

Academic Advising Appointment

Academic Catalog


  • Blackboard is a web-based learning management system designed to support both face-to-face and online classes. It provides many types of tools and features to enrich the learning experience

Center for Campus Life

  • Student Affairs Office houses Student Involvement, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Spirit Program, and Student Government
  • Texas Tech Student Handbook, Use of Grounds, Reporting and Resources, and Important Documents

Degree Works

  • Real-time audit of students coursework applied to student's degree at TTU


  • Where you update/change your password every 90 days


  • FERPA is a Form that releases student information to a designated individual

HS 101 Blackboard

  • A non-academic course in Blackboard with information to help students be successful.

IT Services for Students


  • Grade distributions (under Advising Tools tab)
  • Transcript requests
  • Academic calendar
  • Financial aid
  • Student Business Services

Schedule Builder

  • Schedule Builder is the web-based class planning and registration tool that allows students to plan class schedule and register for classes in upcoming term.

Student Business Services

Syllabus website

  • Students may review syllabi of courses from previous terms to gain information about courses.

TTU Academic Calendar

  • TTU Academic Calendar that has a  list of all important dates student will need to know

Academic Advising (COHS)

Academic Testing Services

Career Services/RaiderJobs

Financial Aid
(806) 742-3681

Hospitality Services
(806)742 1360

IT Help Desk

Learning Center


Military & Veterans' Program

Office of the Registrar

Ombudsman for Students

Red Raider Orientation Welcome Presentation
Download Presentation

Student Disability Services

Student Health Services
(806)743 2848

Texas Tech Bookstore

Transportation and Parking Services
(806)742 7275

TSI Developmental Education
(806) 742 3242

University ID Office

University Student Housing

University Writing Center

** Complete list of TTU Student Resource Guide**

Advising Forms

  • Minor Approval Form
    Human Sciences students who wish to declare a minor should complete this form with their minor Advisor. The completed form should be returned to their primary Advisor in Human Sciences.
  • Minor Change Form
  • Overload Request
    This form is for Human Sciences students who wish to take more than 19 hours during the Fall/ Spring semesters or more than 8 hours in the Summer 1/ Summer 2 semesters. The completed form should be returned to their Advisor.
  • HDFS Practicum Form
    This form provides information on Community Practicum (HDFS 4314) for HDFS majors.
  • Personal Financial Planning GPA Registration Request Form
    This form is for PFP students requesting an exception to the GPA Policy to register for PFP 3000 and 4000.
  • Graduation Planning
    This form is utilized to help students create a plan for graduation.
  • Schedule Planning
    This form is used to create a schedule of classes for registration.
  • HDFS GPA Restriction Appeal Form
    This form is for Human Development and Family Sciences students only.
  • EC Lab Contract
    This form is for Early Childhood students only. The form can be submitted online.

Minors for Majors outside of Human Sciences

Minors offered by the College of Human Sciences

Apparel Design and Manufacturing
Interior Design
Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Drop off Minor approval form at HS 159- will call when form is ready
Human Sciences
Community, Family and Addiction Sciences
  • Drop off Minor approval form at HS 159- will call when form is ready
Nutritional Sciences
  • Drop off Minor approval form at HS 159- will call when form is ready
Personal Financial Planning
  • SPF (Studies in Personal Finance)
  • Drop off Minor Approval Form at HS 159- will call when form is ready
Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management
  • Drop off Minor approval form at HS 159- will call when form is ready
Retail Management
  • Drop off Minor approval form at HS 159- will call when form is ready

Minors for Majors within Human Sciences

Must pick up Minor Approval form in Academic Advising Office 159 and take to Advisor of Minor you are seeking whether it be outside of HS in a minor within HS.

Peer Advisors Leading Students (PALS)

PALS Application Form

Meet Your Undergraduate Advisors

Ashlee Brown

Ashlee Brown

Director of Advising
Advisor for Student Athletes
Human Development & Family Sciences
Early Childhood Education

Email: ashlee.w.brown@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.1180

Donna Burt

Donna Burt

Community, Family, & Addiction Sciences
Restaurant, Hotel, & Institutional Management
Retail Management
Personal Financial Planning
Human Sciences (Interdisciplinary Studies) G

Email: donna.burt@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.1180

Janelle Zamora

Janelle Zamora

Human Sciences (Interdisciplinary Studies) L-Z

Email: janelle.zamora@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.1180

Kourtney Rodriguez

Kourtney Rodriguez

Apparel Design & Manufacturing
Human Sciences (Interdisciplinary Studies) A-F
Interior Design

Email: kourtney.rodriguez@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.1180

Dolores Salas-Marmolejo

Dolores Salas-Marmolejo

Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics
Human Sciences (Interdisciplinary Studies) H-K

Email: dolores.salas@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.1180

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