Texas Tech University

How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes

Step 1

Go to:

  1. Raiderlink.ttu.edu
  2. Click MyTech Tab
  3. Click Registration

Or go to schedulebuilder.ttu.edu

Step 2

Degree Works (some majors use degree planning sheets instead)

  • Find out what courses you have left to take that will apply to your major
  • Be sure to check the prereqs of the courses you are interested in

Schedule Builder

  • Select the term at the top
  • UNCHECK full, waitlist, & online (online courses may be reserved for online students) and hide honors if you are not an honors student
  • Type the course numbers one at a time into the "select course" box
  • Use the arrow keys to find the schedule that you like best!
  • Once you have found a schedule, use the CRN numbers located at the bottom of the screen in the shopping cart to register for your courses

Step 3

Raiderlink Add Drop

  • Register for Classes
  • Select the term
  • Enter CRNS (top left corner)
  • Type in the CRN #s one by one
  • Add to summary

Step 4

    (You will not be registered if you do not click SUBMIT!)
  • After your submission goes through, your courses will either say "registered" in green or "error" in red (If you receive an error that you do not understand, find out what type of error it is so that we can better help you!)
  • Please click on the Registration Troubleshooting Tab if experiencing ERRORS.