Texas Tech University

Current Students

How to Accept Scholarships from the College of Human Sciences

In order to secure your College of Human Sciences scholarship please follow these steps:

  1. Log into http://raiderlink.ttu.edu/
  2. Enter your eraider
  3. Click "MyTech" tab
  4. Click "Student Financial Aid" then "View/Accept Aid Package"
  5. Select aid year
  6. Click "Submit"
  7. Click "Accept Award Offer" tab
  8. Find the TTU COHS SS Recruit Award
  9. In the drop down box find "Accept" and select it
  10. Now click submit
  11. Scholarship funds will be applied to tuition bill 10 days before the start of class, provided the above steps are completed.

Note - Keep in touch with Student Services, the sooner an issue is addressed, the easier it will be to assist you. Any issues should be emailed to hs.studentservices@ttu.edu.