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Edgar “Eddie” Canales Alumni Profile

Alumnus Eddie Canales gives back to his community with impactful role at Houston ISD.

Eddie Canales- HDFS Alumni TTUHuman Development and Family Studies (HDFS) alumnus Edgar "Eddie" Canales has a story full of perseverance, dedication, and great desire to give back to the community.

Eddie was born in Mexico before his family settled in Pasadena, Texas. Eddie says that growing up he always wanted to serve others in his career but wasn't sure what that might look like. As a first-generation college student, college initially was not on his radar, nor did he consider it to be an option.

In high school, a teacher took note of Eddie's skills and desire to succeed and helped him through the college application process. Many hours and SAT tests later, Eddie's hard work paid off.

Eddie's acceptance into Texas Tech was a dream come true for both him and his family.

"One of the coolest moments in my life was when they said Edgar Canales from Pasadena, Texas with a bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies."

Eddie recalls he had great interest in studying the aspects of humanity. Through the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Eddie says that he gained insight and understanding into the workings of relationships, which in turn fully prepared him for his career today.

As a student in Human Development and Family Studies, Eddie says that he knew he wanted to work with people. He quickly realized that he was in the right place with HDFS.

"Every moment that I've ever had in the College of Human Sciences was incredible. The longer that I was in this major and took these classes, the more I learned about human development," Eddie said. "It definitely reassured me that I was in the right major. At the end of the day I wanted to serve people, and now that's what I get to do."

Eddie says that HDFS built his foundation for a career in serving others by teaching him that relationships matter.

"It's evident in my work; the impact that relationships have on a daily basis. I work with students and advisors, so relationships are key in what we do every step of the way," Eddie said.

As a student, Eddie was very active in various roles and activities. Eddie worked with Texas Tech Student Housing as an ambassador and the Bridge of Lubbock, where he had the privilege of working with inner city students.

"Being involved on campus and the networking opportunities allowed me to get my dream job as a recruiter for Texas Tech."

After graduation, Eddie landed the role of Senior Admission Counselor at Texas Tech.

Eddie Canales- HDFS Alumni TTUEddie credits HDFS Associate Chairperson and Instructor Mitzi Ziegner for aiding him in achieving his dreams. Mitzi taught Eddie in several classes along his academic journey, which led to Mitzi writing a letter of recommendation upon Eddie's graduation.

"I believe that the letter of recommendation helped me get to where I am now," Eddie said. "Mrs. Ziegner went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to helping her students."

Mitzi says that Eddie's recommendation letter was the easiest recommendation letter she has ever written, given that Eddie was such a joy and dedicated student.

"He was such a grateful individual, just so conscious. I don't know anyone in the class who didn't absolutely love him. He didn't take his opportunities for granted, and look where it has lead him—the impact that he has had as a result," Mitzi said. "To see him impact students the way that his life was impacted, I just don't think it gets any better than that."

Eddie's current position as a College Success Manager for Houston ISD entails helping students get to college. Eddie supports 7 different high schools in the Houston area, where he works to make sure that each campus has the support they need through the implementation of a college readiness program.

"Education has opened up a lot of doors. I stand on the shoulders of a lot of people who helped me get here. Now, I get to do this—I get to give it back."