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Becton Brothers Alumni Profile


Jerod Becton

Monty Becton

Brothers Jerod Becton and Monty Becton graduated from Texas Tech University with Bachelor's Degrees in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM). Monty graduated in 1987 and his brother Jerod graduated in 1990. Both Becton brothers found success managing private community clubs using their hospitality expertise.

Jerod moved back to Lubbock and is now the CEO and General Manager of the Lubbock Country Club. Jerod became a Certified Club Manager with Club Corporation of American in 1995, and a Century Golf Partners Hall of Fame inductee in 2012. As General Manager of the Lubbock Country Club, Jerod oversees all aspects of the club from golf and beverage management, to human resources and tennis.

Jerod describes what he enjoys most about his role with the Lubbock Country Club.

"I really enjoy that it is ever changing," Jerod said. "There are so many aspects to the club that the job is never the same."

Jerod was first introduced to the community club scene when he was a freshman at Texas Tech. At the time, his brother Monty was a food and beverage director for a private country club in Oklahoma City. Jerod worked one of the club's events with his brother, which he says sparked his interest in the hospitality industry.

Jerod genuinely enjoys the environment of the Lubbock Country Club and likes getting to know the members and their families. Jerod says he now has a great network of friends and colleagues he's met working in the industry.

Jerod says one of the biggest challenges in his career was learning the intricacies of the country club business. He had to learn how to operate and budget golf, food and beverage, tennis, athletics, maintenance, and the accounting systems. Jerod says it is an ever-changing industry, and that country clubs must keep up with the times—as well as their traditions.

"The RHIM program helped me in learning how to adapt to different environments as well as the basics for budgeting, networking, and customer service. I have always been able to go back to my roots at Tech for help from other graduates as well as professors."

Jerod and Monty still keep in touch with one faculty member, Charlie Adams, Ph.D. Dr. Adams has over 25 years of diverse experience in the food service and lodging industry. Jerod says that Dr. Adams has always been available to answer questions and to bounce ideas off of and has been a great resource in his career. Monty agrees and says that his relationship with Dr. Adams has been very rewarding.

"I've worked with him for over 20 years, recruiting RHIM students and interfacing with the program," Monty said. "It's always fun to come back to campus and speak to the various classes and to see students sitting where I was 30 years ago."

Monty is currently the General Manager of The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch, a private country club and master-planned community. Monty oversees the operations associated with Cordillera Ranch's golf, river, social, tennis and swim, rod and gun, equestrian, spa, and athletic clubs. Monty enjoys building good teams and then motivating those teams to deliver outstanding service to and experience to club members.

"It is rewarding to see your vision come to life and to watch your team members grow witness to the impact we have on our members."

Monty worries most about attracting and keeping high caliber employees who embrace the culture and vision of the organization.

"I believe the relationships I developed at Texas Tech helped me learn how to work with a variety of people and to understand that people are unique. You need to be in tune with your staff and understand what motivates and inspires them."

Both Becton brothers would advise current students and recent graduates to seek experiences in their field of interest and network with alumni. Monty says that for students pursuing a career path similar to his own it is critical to get experience in the hospitality field while in college.

"It's a very rewarding career, but dealing with customers and employees is challenging," Monty said. "Our industry tends to require us to work during holidays and weekends, so you need to understand and experience that to see if it is a fit for you."

Jerod recommends that students looking to get a hospitality degree should get an internship or join student organizations like the Club Managers Association of America. Jerod also advises students have a conversation with their advisors about whether or not they are right for the field. He says that students should network as much as possible to find out about the field they are interested in.

"Make sure you understand what it will take to be successful in whatever your career path is," Jerod said. "Texas Tech has been a great resource for me over the years and is one of the reasons I came back to Lubbock."