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Enrollment in the CDRC is open to families of any race, national or ethnic origin, sexual preference, religious or political affiliation, provided the Center can meet the needs of the child. The CDRC does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and other Center-administered programs.

Parents who are considering first-time enrollment of their child are encouraged to visit the center. The scheduling of these visits should be arranged through the CDRC office at (806) 742-3016. A child's waiting list application can be completed at any time before or after the Center visit. A child is not considered to be on the waiting list until the appropriate forms have been completed and returned and the $50.00 waiting list fee paid.

It is important, once on the waiting list, to update the center about any telephone, email, and/or address changes.

The waiting list is updated on a regular basis. Each spring semester, currently enrolled families are asked if they intend to return the following school year. They are asked to sign a form indicating their intention to return and indicating any changes in enrollment options. First priority is given to returning children maintaining the same schedule, and then to children requesting a schedule change. After filling these requests, it is determined how many vacancies will be available for the fall in each class. At this time forms are also sent to families on the waiting list asking if they wish to continue their status on the waiting list and if their request for enrollment options have changed. Families who indicate to ‘remove’ on their form or who do not return the form are moved to an inactive file and are no longer considered to be on the waiting list. In extenuating circumstances families can request that their status be changed back to an active status anytime within 6 months of being deactivated. After the deadline has passed for returning these forms we are ready to make enrollment decisions for the following school year.

Each family on the waiting list receives one wait date. Therefore if a family gets on the waiting list with one child and, at a later date, adds another child, both children will be considered waiting from the original date. The waiting list date is for the family – not each individual child.

The primary criterion for selecting children from the waiting list is time on the waiting list. There are a few exceptions, however.

Waiting List Form

Priority is given only in the following situations:

  1. Priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled children so that families will not have children in multiple childcare centers. Currently enrolled families must fill out a waiting list form and pay the $50 waiting list fee for the new sibling. When there is more than one sibling requesting a spot, length of time the new sibling has been on the waiting list will be the determining factor.
  2. Priority is given to children of full-time CDRC staff members.
  3. Priority is given to families seeking full-time enrollment.
  4. We are committed to having at least one child with a disability in each classroom in order for our lab students to have experience working with children with disabilities. If there is an opening in a classroom that does not have a child with a disability, the next child with a disability on the waiting list in that age range will be selected for enrollment. If there is no child on the waiting list in the applicable age range with a disability, the DEBT program may be contacted to help us fill that spot. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, please be sure to note that in the comments section of the waiting list form so that proper consideration may be given.
  5. In the infant and toddler classroom there is consideration given for the age of the child. We try to have at least one and no more than 4 children under the age of 12 months. We try to pair children with at least two at the same age. For example, if we have one child who is 22 months and the next oldest is 15 months, we will try to enroll another child close to 22 months. Also, child care licensing standards (746.1605) state that, in a classroom containing infants, no child may be more than 18 months older than the youngest child in that same classroom.

Aside from these exceptions, children are selected in order of time on the waiting list. If two children have been on the waiting list for exactly the same amount of time, and one is the child of a TTU/HSC faculty, staff, or student, the TTU/HSC family will be given preference. This is the only time when affiliation with TTU or TTUHSC allows for preference.

The Center maintains optimum child/teacher ratios as determined by our accrediting body, the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs:

Ages Adult/Child Ratio Maximum Class Size
6 weeks to 2 years 1 adult/3 children 12 (2 classrooms)
2-3 years 1 adult/7 children 14 (2 classrooms)
4-6 years 1 adult/9 children 18 (2 classrooms)

It is very unusual that the CDRC has any openings during the school year. Most children, when enrolled in the center, do not leave until they go to Kindergarten. It is common for us to go an entire school year without enrolling even one new child in any classroom.

However, if there is an opening at any time during the school year the staff will print out a current waiting list for the age range of children in the classroom where the opening is (the waiting list prints out in order of time on the list – from longest to shortest time). We will then go down the list to find the first child whose requested schedule matches that of the opening. (Example: if there is a TTH opening in the 2/3-year-old classroom, the staff will print out the waiting list for all children between 24 and 42 months of age. They will then go down the list to find the first family who has requested TTH or “flexible” enrollment. That family will be contacted to see if they are interested. This process will continue until the spot is filled. Sometimes the spot will be filled by the first person contacted, other times we may contact several people before filling the spot).

The waiting list is a very ‘fluid’ document which changes from day to day based on new children being placed on the list as well as children aging from one waiting list onto another one (i.e. on their second birthday children will move from the waiting list for the infant and toddler classrooms to the 2/3 year old classrooms). Despite our hesitation, people often request to find out their “number” on the list. Please understand when making this request that this number can and does change often. Also understand that we have separate waiting lists for each age group. Therefore you may know someone who got their child in before you, even if you have been waiting longer. Some of our classrooms have longer waiting lists than others. It is possible for someone with an older 3 or 4 year old to get in very quickly where someone with an infant may wait much longer.

The waiting list files are open records, and as such, interested parties may view the list at any time during normal business hours.

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