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Human Development and Family Studies

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

From a foundation of research and theory, this degree focuses on development across the life span (prenatal to late adulthood) in the context of couple, marriage, family, and peer relationships. This program focuses on intrapersonal (e.g., personality, cognition), interpersonal (e.g., relationship conflict, self-disclosure), and societal (e.g., race-ethnicity, class) forces as they affect personal and family well-being.

Many courses offer perspectives on interpersonal and family behavior through development of the infant, child, adolescent, young adult (courtship, early marriage), middle-aged adult (divorce-remarriage, parenthood), and older adult (widowhood, grandparenthood). Some courses also focus on important social issues that affect individual and family functioning (e.g., violence). Courses at the upper-division level provide professional training for students seeking employment in such diverse occupations as family life educator, extension service specialist, probation officer, child development specialist, or child care administrator.

Service-research skills are also enhanced by opportunities to observe and interact with infants, toddlers, and young children in the Child Development Research Center and TTU Early Head Start. Supervised experiences with community groups provide opportunities for interaction with older children, adolescents, couples, families, and elderly adults. These experiences assist students in understanding developmental stages of human behavior and interpersonal relations as they occur in family or group care settings.

Family Studies Teacher Certification

Family studies majors can choose an option which includes teacher certification in family and consumer sciences. The specialization provides a background in all family and consumer science subject areas, a specialization in family studies, and a certification to teach in Texas public school systems grades 6-12. Students seeking teacher certification must meet all requirements outlined in the Teacher Education section of the college catalog. To be recommended for certification, graduates must achieve satisfactory performance on an examination prescribed by the State Board of Education (ExCET). 


Students minoring in human development take 18 hours of course work.

Human Development and Family Studies