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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering!

Texas Tech University's mechanical engineering department has a long-standing history of providing quality education with curriculum that offers a strong foundation for students to excel in their careers.

Of the seven engineering departments at Texas Tech, mechanical engineering had the most undergraduates enroll in fall 2017, with 942 students. Including master's and doctoral students, 1,881 enrolled in mechanical engineering, 956 more than the department with the second-largest enrollment.

The mechanical engineering department also awarded the most engineering degrees in academic year 2016-2017, with a total of 257.

This is a strong testament to the versatility and demand for Mechanical Engineers!

The vision of the department is entirely student-centered with regards to teaching, research, and service. Our goal is to provide an exceptional undergraduate and graduate education in the art, science and practice of mechanical engineering.

The mission of the department is to offer students nationally recognized educational opportunities rooted in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art technology. The department programs support technological development and innovation to meet numerous goals, including the needs of society. Faculty and student participation in design projects, research or other similar activities is considered essential to their professional development. The educational opportunities take place in a collegial environment of effective instruction and counsel.

The mechanical engineering program provides students with the ability to apply their engineering, mathematic and scientific knowledge to design mechanical systems and solve engineering problems. Students learn to design and conduct experiments, communicate effectively, function in teams and utilize modern engineering tools. Students gain an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities as engineers. Perhaps most importantly, students are prepared for the lifelong learning necessary to function effectively as the practice of engineering evolves.

Graduates with a degree in mechanical engineering will find employment opportunities covering a wide spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, petroleum production and refining, petrochemicals, electrical power, electronics, semiconductors and computers, manufacturing and healthcare, as well as research positions in industry and government laboratories. Problem-solving techniques learned in the mechanical engineering curriculum are also applied to continued educational pursuits or graduate studies in engineering, as well as in areas such as law, medicine, business administration and other professions.


Nurcan Bac, Ph.D.

Interim Department Chair
of Mechanical Engineering,
and Professor

Phone: 806.834.5703
Fax: 806.742.3552
Email: nurcan.bac@ttu.edu

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Department of Mechanical Engineering