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Graduate Program Advising Information

Advising Contacts

Jerzy BlawzdziewiczJerzy Blawzdziewicz, Ph.D. Associate Chair
Director of Graduate Studies
P: 806.834.0496
F: 806.742.3540
O: ME 111
Gwen ClymoGwen ClymoUnit Coordinator and Graduate Academic AdvisorEmail
P: 806.834.7711
F: 806.742.3540
O: ME 104

Degree Plan Submission

All graduate students in their first semester are required to submit a degree plan before registration begins. Note: Beginning 150-hour students are not required to submit a degree plan until their first full-time graduate semester. The deadline for submitting a degree plan for the Department of Mechanical Engineering is by the end of the first semester. Please see the information on degree plan submission included on this website, as well as the program requirements specific to your degree.


See the Graduate School website for complete details regarding graduation procedures. The following information is particularly useful for satisfying the requirements for M.S. students and for Ph.D. students.

Intent to Graduate

Intent forms and instructions for submission are available at the Graduate School website.

Final Degree Plan and Committee Updates

All graduating students should verify that their official degree plan reflects their final academic program. Any changes should be submitted to the Advising Office as soon as possible for immediate processing (Changes to Degree Plan Form). Please also make sure that the Advising Office has accurate information regarding your advisory committee and title, if applicable (Title or Committee Change Form). If you have made any changes to program or committee without notifying the Advising Office or Graduate Director, these inaccuracies may delay your graduation.

Thesis/Dissertation Defense

All defenses must be advertised two weeks in advance and open to the public. You must schedule your defense with your advisory committee and must advertise the event throughout the Mechanical Engineering building. See your advisor for the sample defense advertisement. Please make sure the Advising Office receives a copy of your defense notification form.

Last Day to Change Grades

If you have an incomplete in any course on your degree plan, you must complete this work at least one month prior to the grades due deadline (refer to academic calendar or graduate website for current semester deadlines). Please see the Advising Office for instructions on changing your I or CR grade once the work is complete.

Report Presentation and Coursework Final Exam

All report and coursework M.S. students must complete their presentation/final examination approximately three weeks prior to graduation (refer to academic calendar or graduate website for current semester deadlines). The student’s advisor must notify the Advising Office of the student’s successful completion by this date.