Mechanical Engineering
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Fundamental Research Areas

Research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering falls within four fundamental areas: Design, Dynamics and Controls, Mechanics and Materials, and Thermal Fluids. The table below shows the faculty members that conduct research and teach courses in these fundamental areas.

For a listing of specific research areas and research groups, visit the Specialized Research Areas page.

Design Dynamics and Controls Mechanics and Materials Thermal Fluids
Dr. Stephen Ekwaro-Osire Dr. Alan Barhorst Dr. Burak Aksak Dr. Ed Anderson
Dr. Atila Ertas Dr. Jordan Berg Dr. Jharna Chaudhuri Dr. Sukalyan Bhattacharya
Dr. Craig Snoeyink Dr. Alexander Idesman Dr. Jerzy Blawzdziewicz Dr. Hanna Moussa
Dr. James Yang Dr. Jungkyu (Jay) Kim Dr. Satya N. Atluri Dr. Luciano Castillo
Dr. Beibei Ren Dr. Golden Kumar Dr. Gordon Christopher
Dr. Yanzhang Ma Dr. Ming Chyu
Dr. Jahan Rasty Dr. Zhaoming He
Dr. Changdong Yeo Dr. Fazle Hussain
Dr. Jenny Qiu Dr. Darryl James
Dr. Michelle Pantoya
Dr. Siva Parameswaran
Dr. Victoria Coverstone