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Texas Tech Parent of the Year

The Texas Tech Parent of the Year Award seeks to recognize parent(s)/guardian(s) who have made a significant impact and contribution to the life of a Texas Tech student. By supporting you, they are in turn supporting Texas Tech University.

Nominations have closed for 2013 Parent of the Year

Congratulations to our 2013 Texas Tech Parents of the Year

Not Pictured Kevin Gillum, nominated by Elizabeth Gillum

Corpus Christi, TX

Cheryl Couts
nominated by Garrett Couts

Pampa, TX

Frank Garcia and Christy Martinez-Garcia
nominated by Christyn Garcia

Lubbock, TX

Nat and Sonja Phillips
nominated by Kacie Phillips

Owasso, OK

Kevin Kennedy
nominated by Kourtney Kennnedy

Coppell, TX

2013 Parent of the Year Nominees

Phillip and Gail Arnoldy, nominated by Paige Arnoldy

Brandi Bell, nominated by Lindsey Bell

Richard Bennekemper, nominated by Daria Ivanova

Stephanie and Chris Brooks, nominated by Brianna Brooks

Matthew and Dawn Connery, nominated by Lindsey Connery

Joe and Pam Cunningham, nominated by Courtney Cunningham

Aaron and Christy Divel, nominated by McKenzie Divel

Richard and Sandra Fletcher, nominated by Stephanie Fletcher

Ruben and Rebecca Flores, nominated by Sarah Ashley Flores

Bruce Furey and Nancy Redman-Furey, nominated by Rachel Furey

Mark and Blair Heitkamp, nominated by Mara Heitkamp

Damian and Deanna Hellman, nominated by Emily Hellman

Jeff and Rose Hutyra, nominated by Jennifer Hutyra

Chris and Adnrea Irvin, nominated by Rebecca Irvin

Susan Jacobs, nominated by Christina Jacobs

Subramanyam and Ranganayakamma Jinka, nominated by Sudheer Jinka

Jeff and Sharon Karnes, nominated by Kelsie Karnes

Bill and Lauren Kopp, nominated by Casey Kopp

Diana Madrigal, Alejandro and Eloisa Madrigal, nominated by Jake Quintanilla

Melinda Martinez, nominated by Maegan Martinez

Leticia Mejia, nominated by Maria and Chamonix Mejia

Jim Bob and Karla Mitchell, nominated by Riley Mitchell

Cara Nichols, nominated by Kayla Nichols

Terry and Dominic Ortiz, nominated by Deahna Ortiz

Mike and Dianna Rebber, nominated by John Rebber

Elizabeth Trisko, nominated by Nikia Trisko

Cheryl Tyler, nominated by Lauren Tyler-Smith

Kenny and Fran Urban, nominated by Amy Urban

Bari Wenglein, nominated by Sydney Wenglein