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Goals of PADR

Our goals include providing you with opportunities for academic and personal skill development. But what does that mean?

Academic Skills

Could you fix a car engine without the right tools? Of course not! Likewise, you need the right tools to succeed in school! In PADR, you'll learn how to set and achieve academic goals, how to recognize and use your learning style, and how to manage your time.

PADR teaches you to be effective: to get your desired results consistently. We can help you hone your study and note-taking skills, increase the effectiveness of your reading, develop memory techniques, and improve your test taking skills. You'll even apply these skills to one of the courses you take the semester you enroll in PADR.

Personal Skills

Personal skills are more than learning to budget your time. In PADR, you'll learn to manage the complexities of your life! You'll identify what motivates you to be in school, what long term goals you have, how to create stepping stones toward your larger goals, how to eliminate stress and how to keep your life in balance.

What Else Can We Do?

In addition to giving you a general tool kit for success, PADR provides you with one-on-one time with an instructor who can work with your specific needs concerns and connect you with resources at Texas Tech.