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The Senate has undertaken, once more, an examination of the (lack of) availability of high quality child care facilities for faculty, staff, and graduate students. The issue was raised in the Senate meeting of October 12 and referred to Senate Committee C, which produced a report accepted by the Senate on December 7. That report asked for a new ad hoc committee to take up the issue. Therefore the Senate Agenda Committee has requested the formation of a committee to consist of three faculty senators, three staff senators, and the Vice President for Graduate Students of the student government to look over the issue (the members of this ad hoc committee are in the process of being named).

In order to avoid a duplication of effort, that committee will be charged with examining the “Child Care Exploratory Committee Report” (3MB) produced by an ad hoc committee back in 2000. Some of its recommendations have been carried out, such as the proposed expansion of the CDRC, but that still does not make enough child care available (nor is that the mission of the CDRC, which exists primarily as a research institution).

The committee will be asked to study how the earlier report might be updated and better disseminated. It will be also asked to consider possible non-CDRC options for childcare, both on-campus and off (perhaps as part of the Overton redevelopment).

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