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Texas Tech University is committed to ethical institutional programs that meet the teaching, research, and service objectives of each discipline and department, to policies that are consistent with those objectives, and to a working and learning environment that encourages active participation. Such exemplary environments often challenge existing worldviews, requiring trust in the process of discovery and the acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity within ethical parameters. The university supports all its members in life-long learning—a process that is both challenging and rewarding—and encourages creative and innovative means to achieve this goal through both opportunities and incentives.

Creative and Innovative Red Raiders:

  • Support life-long learning.
  • Encourage active participation.
  • Enjoy the freedom to teach; freedom to learn.
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Learning Module

The TTU Ethics Center has collaborated with faculty, staff, and scholars from the Texas Tech community to develop a learning module for each of the eight values in the Statement of Ethical Principles. Each module includes the statement of the featured principle, pre-learning questions, a presentation, video learning, references, an illustration (or illustrations) of the principle in practice, and a post-learning assessment.

Each module takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. These modules serve as introductory tools for students and other members of the campus community to further Texas Tech University's 'Campus Conversation on Ethics."

Creativity & Innovation Module

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