Texas Tech University

Creativity and Innovation Module


“Texas Tech University is committed to ethical institutional programs that meet the teaching, research, and service objectives of each discipline and department, to policies that are consistent with those objectives, and to a working and learning environment that encourages active participation. Such exemplary environments often challenge existing worldviews, requiring trust in the process of discovery and the acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity within ethical parameters. The university supports all its members in life-long learning—a process that is both challenging and rewarding—and encourages creative and innovative means to achieve this goal through both opportunities and incentives.”

This is the web space for an exploration of the ethical principle Creativity and Innovation. We recommend that you go through the web pages step by step but they can also be viewed out of sequence.

If you complete the pre- and post-assessments, you will help the TTU Ethics Center to evaluate how effective these materials are and improve them over time. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.