Ethics Center Advisory Committee

The following faculty and staff will serve on the TTU Ethics Center Advisory Committee for the year 2014-2015.

Justin Louder, EdD Office of the Provost (Chair)
Ralph Ferguson, PhD (ex-officio) Ethics Center
Steve Fraze, PhD College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Joseph Aranha, PhD College of Architecture
Dennis Patterson, PhD College of Arts and Sciences
Catherine Duran, PhD (ex-officio) Undergraduate Ed & Student Affairs
Mario Beruvides, PhD Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering
Hansel Burley, PhD College of Education
------ Honors College
------ College of Human Sciences
Earnstein Dukes, PhD TTU Libraries
Weiwu Zhang, PhD College of Media and Communications
Bill Gelber, PhD College of Visual & Performing Arts
Claudia Cogliser, PhD Graduate School
Jarod Gonzalez, JD School of Law
David Birney, PhD Chemistry
Tim Dallas, PhD Faculty Senate
Anna Young, PhD Staff Senate

Catherine Parsoneault, PhD (ex-officio)

Office of the Provost
Hayden Hatch Student Government Associate (Undergraduate)
------ Student Government Associate (Graduate)
Surya Yadav, PhD Rawls College of Business Administration
Darrell Bateman Information Technology and CIO
Kathleen Harris, PhD Research Services
Justin Noble Texas Tech University System, Office of Audit Services
Felicia Martin, PhD Texas Tech Athletics
Paul Frazier, PhD Division of Institutional Diversity
Sandra Huston, PhD Personal Finance Planning
Pamela Johnson Graduate School of Biomed Sciences
Beverly Bowen Department of Public Health

Meeting Agenda's and Minutes