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Ethics Center Advisory Committee


The following faculty and staff will serve on the TTU Ethics Center Advisory Committee for the year 2012-2013.

Justin Louder, EdD Office of the Provost (Chair)
Ralph Ferguson, PhD Ethics Center 
Tom Knight, PhD College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Gary Smith, AIA College of Architecture
Howard Curzer, PhD College of Arts and Sciences
Catherine Duran, PhD Undergraduate Ed & Student Affairs
Bill Lawson, PE, PhD Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering
JoAnn Klinker, PhD College of Education
 ------ Honors College
Sara Dodd, PhD College of Human Sciences
Donell Callender TTU Libraries
Kevin Stoker, PhD College of Mass Communications
Jonathan Marks, DPA College of Visual & Performing Arts
Ralph Ferguson, PhD  Graduate School
Jennifer Bard School of Law
Phillip Smith Faculty Senate
James Decker Faculty Senate
Jeff Hays Staff Senate
 ------ Staff Senate
Alex Alston Student Government Associate (Undergraduate)
Florencio Aranda III Student Government Associate (Graduate)
Jason Rinaldo  Rawls College of Business Administration
Kathy Austin, PhD  Division of Information Technology
Alice Young, PhD  Office of the Vice President for Research
Kim Turner, CPA Texas Tech University System, Office of Audit Services
Judi Henry, EdD Texas Tech Athletics
Jobi Martinez Division of Institutional Diversity



Meeting Agenda's and Minutes


Agenda - November 19, 2010 Meeting

Minutes - November 19, 2010 Meeting

Agenda - January 19, 2011 Meeting

Minutes - July 26, 2011 Meeting (Ethics Requirement in the TTU Mission Statement Meeting)

Agenda - September 8, 2011 Meeting

Minutes - September 8, 2011 Meeting

Agenda - December 8, 2011 Meeting

Minutes - December 8, 2011 Meeting

Agenda - April 30, 2012 Meeting

Minutes - April 30, 2012 Meeting

Agenda - September 25, 2012 Meeting