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Dr. Ralph Ferguson

Managing Director and Fulbright Global Specialist

FergusonDr.Ralph Ferguson is the Managing Director of the Texas Tech University Ethics Center and Fulbright Global Specialist. As a businessman and former executive associate dean with extensive knowledge about the global community, he brings vital insights and a heighten sensitivity to benefit the TTU ethics initiative in research, ecology, and human rights. Dr. Ferguson speaks to groups about ethical analytics related to the impact of the rising cost of education, management, business development, values, personal financial planning, debt, emerging markets, inclusiveness, and disenfranchisement.

A management generalist and futurist with more than twenty years of experience in the public and private sector, he consults with businesses and public officials about global human capital issues. Dancing Fibers LLC, under his leadership, partnered in Bolivia with Los Alamos de la Andes to create opportunities for Aymara and Quechua Indian women. Dr. Ferguson was a principal owner in DancingFibers.com, a limited liability corporation, which distributed imported knitting yarns from China, Bolivia, Peru, and Japan to more than three hundred retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Dr. Ferguson at TTU served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Management teaching Negotiations, Organizational Behavior and Management. As a consulting member of REF Management LLC, Dr. Ferguson addresses complex problems related to business, science, engineering, ecology, and organizational structure with professional peers. He is a leading analyst on the economics and ecological benefits of tire derived fuel. A leader in education and business, his words and deeds focus on human rights, economics, ecology, education disparity, employment, and agriculture.

Dr. Ferguson brings a wealth of knowledge to his work and research from careers as a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, Court Administrator, Magistrate, and Municipal Court Judge. Dr. Ferguson holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and a doctorate from Texas Tech University in Personal Financial Planning (CEED).

Lisa James

Unit Manager

JamesLisa James serves as Unit Manager for the Texas Tech University Ethics Center. In her role as Unit Manager, Lisa coordinates the Annual Responsible Conduct of Research & Academic Integrity Conference, Arbor Day’s Ethical prompts and “Man on the Street” video-recorded student interviews, Global Ethics Day - an annual event in partnership with Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, TLPDC/Ethics Series Luncheons, and TTU Library/Ethics Workshops, in addition to the Center’s newest events collaborating with internal and external constituents of TTU and the TTU Ethics Center. Lisa also oversees the Southwest Regional Consortium for Academic Integrity (SWRCAI), a regional consortium affiliated with the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), Clemson University’s Robert J. Rutland Institute for Ethics. Lisa provides in-class presentations focusing on academic integrity and other ethical issues for TTU’s undergraduate students and student organizations.

Additionally, Lisa presents and co-presents with her TTU Ethics Center colleagues at local, regional, national, and international conferences sharing valuable information and insight gained through TTU Ethics Center led and supported campus activities and initiatives. Most recently, Lisa with her colleague presented a session titled, “Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Plagiarism Workshops Impact English and Non-English Speakers”, at the International Center for Academic Integrity’s Annual Conference held in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

Lisa began her undergraduate degree in Southern California at Barstow Community College, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in University Studies with concentrations in English, Psychology, and Studio Arts from Texas Tech University. Lisa is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Higher Education at TTU. Lisa moved from Southern California to work for Texas Tech University’s Division of Outreach and Distance Education in 2003 and transferred to the Office of the Provost, Office of Planning and Assessment/ Quality Enhancement Plan in 2008. During the course of her employment at TTU, Lisa has served on a variety of committees and functioned as a vital proponent of TTU’s reaccreditation in 2008 and 2015, and assisted in the successful planning and development of two Quality Enhancement Plans (QEP) with the university’s accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

In addition to her duties in the TTU Ethics Center, Lisa continues to support TTU and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Institutional Diversity, Equity, & Community Engagement Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs with the annual data collection and submission of the Department of Education’s Title III & V Grant Waiver application, and TTU’s pursuit of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) designation.

Lisa holds the distinction of being named “Trusted Seal Reviewer” by Software Secure in Proactive Integrity – Standardized Best Practices for Integrity in Online Courses. Lisa is also a recipient of the Texas Tech University President’s Quality Service Award for her extensive work with the Texas State Science & Engineering Fair, showcasing the State’s emerging young scientists and engineers, hosted by Texas Tech University. 

Lora L. Lopez (Photo Unavailable)


Lora L. Lopez began serving as Administrator for the TTU Ethics Center in 2014.  She holds a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Higher Education, Management, and Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University.  Prior to joining the Ethics Center, Lora served as the Senior Advisor for the Texas Tech University Graduate School for 14 years.  Lora created benchmark programs such as the Graduate Student Research Poster Competition, Travel Grant Program, Family Night Out, and the Graduate Student Awards Ceremony that honors future professors and poster competition winners.  As a member of the Banner Implementation Core Team, Lora participated in the pivotal functions of pre and post tests essential to the system safe conversion.  On the core team, Lora used her operation knowledge to confirm Banner and DegreeWorks software sufficiently met the rigorous record management standard to manage an avalanche of student data.  Due to her advisement, many features in the technical application of Banner, DegreeWorks, and SharePoint were modified to enhance user efficiencies for the Enrollment Management Team in her charge.  The Texas State Library and Archives Commission solicited Lora to serve on their University Records Retention Schedule Subcommittee to benefit from her administrative and technical expertise.

As a professional, Lora has demonstrated high interest in compassionate service.  She has served in organizations on campus and in the community such as Mentor Tech, Multicultural Faculty and Staff Association, Hispanic Association of Women, Fiestas Del Llano, Inc., Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Southwest, and the South Plains Food Bank.

Lora also offers in-class presentations on Academic Integrity to graduate students and athletes.  With colleagues, Lora plans events on campus such as the Coffee Ethics Series, Global Ethics Day, TLPDC Ethics Series Luncheons, and TTU Ethic Center Workshops.  As a member of the Ethics Center research team, Lora has presented research at two international conferences and various domestic conferences over topics such as "Refining the Ethical Perspective through Survery to Enhance Guidance" and " Social Media:  An Identity Tool".  She has also collaborated with the Office of Academic Enrichment to create a new peer-to-peer mentoring program.

Anastasia Coles (Photo Unavailable)


Anastasia Coles, who holds a Masters in Technical Communication from TTU, started as an administrator in the Ethics Center in September 2016. In this short period of time she has been able to start development on an animated “Ethical Principles” illustrated feature for the web site, including training and implementation of original animation to accompany the center’s promotion of the seven ethical principles. She has also been the primary liaison with TTU’s Mentor Tech for the Ethics Center’s Compassionate Service mission, working as a writing tutor for Mentor Tech’s monthly tutoring sessions. In connection with this service, she has also served as a staff judge for the Graduate School’s annual Graduate Student Research poster competition, best of conference Arts and Humanities paper competition and this year’s inaugural 3-Minute Thesis competition.

In a research capacity, Ms. Coles is contracted to provide a book review for the journal, Technical Communication Quarterly on a publication related to ethical issues in the field, and she is involved in the development of an academic integrity module for a graduate course on academic writing for second language learners. She has served as the point person for part of the Political Science-Ethics Center featured speakers’ series and has represented the Ethics Center at the Regional Interfaith Conference in conjunction with the TTU Philosophy department. She also coordinated the center’s nominees for the annual “Raiders Who Rock” awards for student organizations. Ethics Center nominee, India Student Association went on to win in the award in the Cooperation and Communication category.

Ms. Coles is currently developing an interview series with TTU faculty about teaching ethics in their disciplines. This series will be featured on the Ethics Center web site as a blog entitled “Continuing the Conversation on Ethics”. Faculty across all TTU colleges are participating in the interviews and the blogs will be open for online discussion. To date, seven faculty interviews have been completed. An initial slate of ten is scheduled to debut Fall 2016.

Terrell Deleon (Photo Unavailable)

Student Assistant

Terrell DeLeon serves as a Student Assistant for the TTU Ethics Center. Terrell received his BBA in Energy Commerce from the Rawls College of Business Administration and is currently a master's student in the Personal Financial Planning program at Texas Tech. His main duties include: managing data collection for TTU Ethics Center research projects, peer-to-peer academic integrity program presentations, provide support at TTU Ethics Center functions that engage students, staff, faculty, and administration, and performs other duties as required.

Terrell is a former Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America; who served the nation as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.  Terrell teaches Jiu Jitsu through the TTU Club he established to serve individuals interested in the self-defense art.  Local law enforcement officers seek self-defense training from Terrell to enrich their arsenal of skills to protect and serve the public.

Hai Nguyen (Photo Unavailable)

Research Assistant

Mr. Nguyen serves as a Research Assistant for the TTU Ethics Center. Hai is completing his PhD in History from the TTU College of Arts and Sciences. In his role as Research Assistant, Hai’s duties include video recording the Center’s events and activities, peer-to-peer academic integrity program presentations, and provides support at Ethics Center functions that engage students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

Nguyen, a fiction writer, filmmaker, journalist, and scholar is from Central Vietnam. Over the last decade he has worked in conflict zones, including Tibet, Xinjiang, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. He has reported and made televised documentary films about the history of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian, European and Central Asian countries.

As a member of the Vietnamese Association of Writers and of the Vietnamese Association of Journalists, Hai has received three national Gold Prize medals for his work on documentary films. Nguyen is the author of Man Who Tends the Waves (1995), Winging to the Mild Zone (2003, reprint 2016), Gesar Blossoms Dropping in the Tibet Sunshine (2004, reprint 2016), and The Wild Shakyamuni Land (2016).

Linh Nguyen (Photo Unavailable)

Student Assistant

Ms. Nguyen serves as Student Assistant for the TTU Ethics Center. Linh is a Public Relations major with a minor in Business Administration at Texas Tech University. She began working for the Ethics Center as a student assistant in September 2015. Her responsibilities include serving as a digital editor for Ethics Center programs and activities, participating in the Ethics Center international program development, assessment and collection of data, organizing and reporting on measurable data graphically, contributing to the collection of program and initiative data, and assisting Ethics Center staff with research assignments, conferences, programs, and other events.

As a Public Relations major, Linh’s interests are media/communication research, strategic planning and communication/marketing strategy. The knowledge and experience gained from working for the Ethics Center has assisted Linh in understanding the ethical principles and academic integrity, and incorporating them into her projects, assignments and tasks in class. Linh believes that the TTU Ethics Center is a highly helpful and informative resource for both faculty, staff, and students at TTU.


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